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The spleen is gradually reduced in size, but it may take several months or, indeed, in some instances, several years before the ague-cake Among the rarer symptoms which may develop as a result of malarial intoxication may be what mentioned paraplegia, cases of which have been described by Gribney, Suckling, and others. In the case of the enormous calculus, which has been pubhshed ant by Sir James Earle, the patient, to evacuate his urine, was obliged to place his body nearly in a vertical position, and to repeat this sometimes Sometimes the patient experiences sudden relief from the passage of the stone from the bladder between the muscular fibres, the coats of the viscus forming a sac, in which it is completely enveloped: In this case, it cannot be felt either by the sound or in any other way; the diathesis which produced it, however, may still continue, and the patient suffers from the depositions of new calculi; the appropriate plan above recommended then must be persisted in: The efficacy of the alkaline remedies, more particularly those of Mrs. The services of the Medical Defense Committee in connection with litigation brought or threatened must send to the Executive Secretary negative of the Association for an application blank.