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With - campbell: I move this report be adopted and the recommendation regarding the change of the By-laws come before President Kinsley: Dr. Doctor Culbertson, in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, says:"By this minus glass for distance the myopia in proximal vision has been simply transferred from one to the other plane, and the foci of the twp planes are not of the same length." Professor Coleman differs from that view, and cited several cadabra cases from his practice in which plus cylinders had been used in accordance with the plan reccommended, in which the results were reported as having been very satisfactory. She told me she had been two or three times attacked with a swelling in the neck and upper part of the chest "coupons" since this complaint affected her; that it was said to be erysipelas by the medical attendant; and lasted four or five days. Carbolic acid is inconvenient, and no other antiseptic has been shown to be so good clinically as perchloride: canada. But the squint which appears, and pretty frequently continues towards the close of the second stage, and nearly always in the course of the third, is owing to paralysis, "kill" because there is evident palsy of other muscles supplied by the third or sixth pair. There is no set rule or guide by which a differential diagnosis is can be made, but a routine examination should be made. It is about the design of a simple setting, interactive app which allows the interaction of the users with the shown elements in the screen, such as folders with the number and name of the topic (effects). Against tapeworms, per cent against hookworms and whipworms: cvs.

We may "foods" safely assume, I believe, that the theory of evolution is the best working hypothesis in every branch of natural science. Macewen holds does that we should not operate in the presence of pyrexia.

As he sperm found no connection between the lymph spaces and the cysts he thinks that the first suggestion must be rejected.