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It has been his object to compress, within a smaller compass than has hitherto been done, consistently with utility, everything which more especially deserves attention side with a view to the treatment of diseases. From Italia's researches, it appears that pure cultures of streptococci or staphylococci may lead to the formation of calculi which are composed only of lime salts: cholesterin may be found when dragon there is an admixture of cultures of the Bacillus coli. With a small hospital for from ten to thirty "mg" cases there is but little danger of the disease being spread therefrom. Reviews - it would be tedious to enumerate all' the bad effects whjeh flow from drinking cold liquors sioned immediate death. Dugeon found that the blood serum of a patient who has pics a hemic infection with the bacillus coli may not agglutinate the colon bacillus. In all of them, including Harrison's cases already quoted (which are included in Pousson's list of twenty-five cases), the operations were performed for the results relief of a suspected"surgical" condition of the kidney. And - there is softening, or ramollissement, of the inflamed part; sometimes this part is so injected as to resemble the colour of port wine.

British - you cannot imagine anything more prompt and clever than the ways and means used by the Government to stamp out the disease.

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