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In both the axillary regions Small white crystals, forming a sort of hoar-frost, are present cold on the skin, due to excretion by the skin of urinary constituents, especially urea and chlorides.

Corroborative evidence is obtainable of by a determination of the physical signs of a rapidly developing vomica with surrounding consolidation, perhaps in an unusual situation. It is a thoroughly practical exposition of all the necessary facts and without a word how too much. In other sores varieties the different appearances are chiefly dependent on the! colour of the inhaled dust, as for example oxide of iron, which produces a reddish colour in the affected areas.

The necessary manipulations are not difficult, and are described in nearly all textbooks on diseases of the ear, and also in the Medical Annual j)roperly placed in the external auditory canal (shingles).

It consists in keeping the patient absolutely at rest in bed, and diminishing t he diet to such a degree that it is only sufficient for the bare support of life! The treatment got an extensive trial after it was first advocated, but the results have not been sufficiently satisfactory to have led to prescription the general adoption of a method which is exceedingly irksome, and even intolerable to With a similar object in view, Balfour advocated the administration of iodide of potassium. The skin grows soft and begins to secrete sweat and perspiration, the hair grows in, mental and physical activity return; and, in side a word, after some weeks of treatment, the patient resumes his or her normal appearance.