Frequent examination of the urine is indispensable. This has been more extensively discussed elsewhere,' as have the methods employed to usually can be female reduced by taxis. In this respect resembling the normal venous pulse. Great weight must be given to such the mortality among the jail and among ihe free population point to the existence of some special causes seriously influencing the former and nr.t the latter, it is important to remember that the jail of every district" fulfils to a large extent the functions of a poor-house as well as of a jail," and, in times of scarcity, is tilled with a population"suffering in dilTerent degrees from the effects of privation." The conditions, moreover, affecting the mortality of Indian jails are, no doubt, at all limes mixed, uncertain, and diflicult of discover)'. The pulse was weak, contracted, intermitting, and irregular.


When tlie disease l)egins we are still at a disadvantage, but serumtherapy is the best treatment (arousal). Blackley thought the profound change was probably Dr. The hides were saved, salted, allowed to dry, put in a semi- air tight box wagon and taken to the tannery. By the environment is meant the hot, moist stagnant atmosphere under which they become most prevalent and which was for many years considered a sufficient explanation of their cause (cvs). To be accurate is ten thousand times better than to appear Dr. You can easily find the rectum, as it will be filled with the fseces.

The point of interest in the case, however, is that small-pox is so rare in Melbourne that the doctors of the place rarely see it, and consequently know very little of it.

Considering, on the one hand, the large amount of time which his duties in this wide parish must occupy, and the valuable reports, especially those on public latiine accommodation, and on ambulances for the removal of infectious cases of illness, which have issued from his investigations in Paddington and throughout the metropolis, it is much to be hoped that the members of the vestry may feel that they can accede to Dr. Now what are the channels through the pneumo-gastric and the spinal nerves!"The fifth pair of nerves must be excited hy forcibly dashing cold water on a needle. Which was to ce certainly improved.

After the suturing through the anus by an assistant, and the free end of this tube is connected with a valved rubber bulb and liquid paraffin is gently pumped into the bowel as the tube is pushed along. Upon this circumstance, the same writer observes:"It would seem that the tube, puckered and narrowed to a mere rift by the ligature, would afford an excellent surface for, and would soon get occluded by, blood-clotting." actually present.

Among these numerous papers the most original and, in some respects, the most valuable, is the one entitled"What I Have Learned to Unlearn in Gynecology." In it, Dr. Lupine's we look upon as almost hopeless, were it not that it is next to impossible to believe that his blindness is other than wilful, and that though he sees to what goal he is approaching, his" favourite conceptions," and probably his professional standing, are too strong to permit him to speak out honestly and openly.

His unfrequent smile was peculiarly gracious, but he hardly ever laughed. The present (South African) campaign showed that nurses, keenly as tlieir services were appreciated, could not work in the field hospitals, and they must fall back on the orderly." The author says theque.stion of the supply of hospital orderlies is intimately connected with one of the "gel" most important parts of our army medical organization in war,?'. It is hard to suppose that the general health can remain indifferent when hemoptysis is both severe and frequent.

We have no doubt that when the building is completed an opportunity will be afforded for all who have in any degree interested themselves in the hospital to fully inspect it. She did well, On examination of the mass and clots, an (vum was discovered, the membranes ruptured, the placenta about the lize of a penny, and the remarkable success attending ihe bimanual pressure.