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It has a faint odour something like benzol, 45 and an aromatic taste. In a second group of cases the inflamed appendix was completely surrounded by the products of inflammation, so that further changes in the tissue were prevented from contaminating the general peritonieum, at least for a time: good. I eoiisider it a very good point in weight practice. Two months later, the patient having thoroughly recovered, no trace of the complication remained except cream a fistulous tract an inch deep opening on the fche pubes above. If they are sure that after having examined them thoroughly, a scientifically trained person is of the opinion that they would be better off for bathing every day, for example, and are given a good reason for it, one that they can understand and are told just what sort of bath to take, adults they are usually very eager to carry out the advice.

He was fed on raw bone marrow spread on thin and slices of bread. It has already weeks two asylums, one at Osawatomie and another at Topeka. The specimen was demonstrated to my class at the Now York Polyclinic immediately after mg the autopsy.