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Beauty and health are inseparable, the former buy being a symbol of the latter. Landa Manner of using the" Mandil de Socorro" The" Trag-sitz," or bearing seat The New Zealand litter, or amoo Under surface of United States' stretcher with handles extended Side view of the same with its handles converted into feet Perspective view of Colonel Clerk's field- stretcher Side elevation of the same, with measurements Upper and under plan of the same, with measurements British Regulation field stretcher, with traverses fastened The same, with traverses unfastened The same, with pillow and straps, packed for transport The same, with pillow and straps, open for use Old Regulation stretcher of the United States' army The traverse and side poles of the French army regulation French portable stretcher, for carriage upon a bat- animal Baron Percy's brancardiers equipped Two brancardiers carrying away a wounded man Half of Bedford's stretcher separated The leg and cross-stay joints of Redford's stretcher Bedford's stretcher complete and mounted Plan of pouch suggested as part of Redford's bearer equipment Bearer fully equipped on Redford's system Chair stretcher, for bearers marching abreast, or in file Chair stretcher with patient, bearers marching abreast Chair stretcher with patient, bearers marching in file Jones' iron-band ambulance stretcher Arrault's field-stretcher Palasciano's stretcher and fracture apparatus combined The same, with a patient carried upon it Arrault's folding stretcher and operation table Perspective view of the British ambulance wagon stretcher Side elevation of the same, with measurements Bengal dhooley as a camp bedstead Neudorfer's two- wheeled litter for transport of one or two wounded Convoy of wounded being removed on mule-cacolets Side view of cacolet attached to its pack-saddle wah used in the I'unjaub for patients nl Camels"en sitting in kujawahs on the line of march - SOI Knd view (front) of Larrey's flying ambulance cart Side elevation of the French ambulance caisson Sectional view of Prussian railway sick-transport wagon Sketch showing the mode of suspending stretchers in the same Baden swinging litter, for use on the floor of a railway van The same, cycle converted into a field-hospital bed Perspective view of railway van containing eight Gauvin litters Baden litter for a first-class railway carriage The same as it appears when in use Side elevation of the interior of an American hospital car Perspective view of half the interior of the same THE best method of transporting sick und wounded soldiers from one place to another in time of war is one of the most important questions to be studied, as it is one of the most difficult problems to be solved, among the subjects which concern the medical service of armies.

Should be done under legal regulation and official methandienone supervision.

Sometimes old horses that are hard worked exhibit no symptoms until a short time before a severe attack, or "us" death. If the parts between the hoof have become dry and hard, cut them out and apply Another (legal). When a dog had received a small dose of this poison (congestin) without appreciable ill effects, the reinjection of the same dose twenty-two days later, was followed in a few seconds by general collapse, or distressed breathing, urgent vomiting and diarrhoea, and by death in thirty minutes.

In this way it acts well when quito judiciously used for lumbago, and rheumatic pains.

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