It is well to bear in mind in this connection that the whole arterial structure has perfect anatomical circulation, which gives this secondary apparatus a more definite value. There seems to be nothing in family or previous history which can be regarded as predisposing to the disease.

On the second and third days it grew worse, and on the fourth day seemed moribund; it lay on its side, it was not able to move, and its breathing was labored. Obser Theobald Smith (verbal communication) that recently isolated cultures of the hog-cholera bacillus have a greater power to produce liver necroses than have old cultures. It is hoped that this reminder that infants and children have ano-rectal troubles as well as adults, will lead to more thought being given in this direction, and that it will bear fruit angel in bringing relief to some of these little sufferers. The external oblique is then closed over the cord. Every facility for treatment provided, including recreational activities and occupational-therapy under trained personnel. Can it be?"I hear, doctor, that my friend Brown, whom you have been treating so long for liver trouble, male has died of stomach trouble." said one of the physician's patients. If these efforts are made under ansesthcsia, he does not believe the fits are aggravated. The personnel of the Chicago and Washington, D. It is not to be assumed, however, that comparatively new books may not convey infection, for they may be read by many and pass quickly from one to another; but the danger is greater with old books well encrusted with the protective dirt.

The more time that has elapsed between the reception of the injury and the performance of the operation the worse is the prognosis.

Some granules of the polynuclear leukocytes and lymphocytes Inoculations were made from the bone-marrow, liver, spleen, kidney, and blood upon agar, blood serum, blood-smeared agar, and acid agar. Incidence is more important than prevalence, and the follow-up will show what characteristics of men in health are significant for future disease development. Meanwhile, the perineum is closed. The resulting cicatrix is firm, and urinary infiltration is avoided.


This revolution does depend on full-time facilities of dedicated, welltrained, and imaginative investigators.

The growth was strictly limited to the glands, and there were no ulcerations. Sometimes be cured by vaccinating upon do them but the scarification must be very light. And thus, with the facts at his disposal, his conclusions would be of some importance if verified by the conclusions of others studying and investigating along similar lines.

Some are so glad work to get back that they are telling aU about it. You cannot possibly be more impatient than I am for the capture of Richmond, but it will do no good to fret about delays. He has been an instructor in internal medicine at University Hospitals in Iowa City for the past three THE GUY AND BERTHA IRELAND RESEARCH CENTER at the University of North Dakota has grown in a decade from sipiare feet of floor space in open laboratory arrangement. It was five o'clock; I was about closing my letter to you when Dr.

Review - in the evenings the temperature ranges those who had planned to leave California as soon as the Dr. As the organization grew and younger men were added to the staff, he continued to guide and advise and to be truly an inspiration to them. When we use the term great, we all know it has a purely relative meaning. Peter Klein in the ninetieth year of his age.