This can be accomplished by changing the feed and then washing the mouth out with alum water (side). It is one of our best remedies when the disease is uncomplicated by any serious local de rangement, dosierung and where simple debility of the whole organism is its essential characteristic.

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It has reached lasting results only when it has rested its theories on accurately observed facts: review.

Laennec and Forbes assert that pneumonia is sometimes induced by the bite of the rat tle snake, (crotalus horridus,) and of other venomous serpents; and that it may also arise from the" injec tion of various medicinal substances into the veins." These assertions go far to prove a specific operation of these substances upon the respiratory organs, and "buy" may afford a valuable hint respecting their homoeopathic Therapeutics. The time has come now for you laboratories to try us and see. In these cases of complicated dropsy, our remedial ef forts must be adapted to the remote general disease, as well as to the immediate symptoms of the malady: mg. From the age of eighteei until forum now. I trust that our discussion of the subject will prove of interest to all, for I am convinced of the fact that if each of the parties concerned would understand that the basis of his conduct must be determined by his relation to the rest, a greater measure of ist good would be the outcome.

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Seamen in being ashore either on duty or for for recreation, may mix with such people, concealing their diseases, and living together promiscuously, vet they suffer rarely from such contact. The scientific exhibits, the, clinical demonstrations at these and other hospitals will prove sufficient scientific entertainment india to well repay attendance at this session.