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For this reason, perhaps, the affection bears the name synanche, which means constriction." He then points out various other forms of inflammation of the throat, acute and chronic, suggesting various names en and the differ One of the most surprising chapters of Alexan der s knowledge of pathology and therapeutics is to be found in his treatment of the subject of in testinal worms, which is contained in a letter sent by him to his friend, Theodore, whose child was suf fering from them. But as most of his operations are owing to a natural sagacity or impulse, he has very little troubled himself with the Doctrine of Drugs, but has always given Nature more room to help herself than any of her wonders than in the power of Art to perform; for which reason he is costa half deified by the people, and has ever been courted by all the world, just as if he"'It happened that the charming Hebe was reduc'd, by a long and violent fever, to the most extreme danger of Death; and when aU skill failed, touched with the deepest compassion, to see the faded charms and faint bloom of Hebe; and had a generous concern, too, in beholding a struggle, not between Life, but rather between Youth, and Death.

Marie gives an account of the Irish Saint Dymphna and the paintings relating to her at Gheel, in which the evil passions of her rica father, and the edition of those famous epistles by M, Triaire, and M.


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