Henry Miller, of Ky., were read and Whereasj A most laudable effort has recently originated in the Boyle County MedicaJ Society, of the State of Kentucky, and in the Kentucky State Medical Sor ciety, to create a fund for the erecting of a statue or some other suitable memorial father of ovariotomy," English writers to the contrary notwithstanding, who lived in the town of Danville, in the State of Kentucky, and who performed in that town the first ovariotomy, in the year Resolved, That the American Medical Association most earnestly endorse the action of said County and State Societies, and as urgently commend the object to the generous consideifation of the medical women profession of the world.

It is worse than Christian Science, Mesmerism, or Faith Cure, as it does not even lay claim to the single virtue which they possess, that is, the appeal to the imagination as a factor in the alleviation of human period suffering. Hospitals, does Clinics, Specialty Societies, and Medical Schools are particularly invited to utilize this listing service. Swollen epithelial cells are confusing, but the hyaline periphery is morphology not amoeboid in its action as is the ectosarc of the amoeba. But, if the right upper lobe of the liver be enlarged by an abscess, or a hydatid cyst, or a large cancerous mass, then the liver, ascending into the right side of the chest, forces the heart over into the left side, and compresses the right lung directly, and the left lung 40 laterally, through the medium of the heart.

As in intermittent pregnancy fever, an initial bronchitis may be present. Cultures were made from the thyroid cerebro-spinal fluid by Dr. The sections upon sinus what thrombosis, brain-abscess, and other serious or fatal extensions of tympanic suppuration needed little change from their former completeness, but have been extended to comprise all that is latest and best as to the operative interventions in these matters. See "do" Army Air Forces Service Command. If the person is an independent practitioner or the institution has "to" no library, another local hospital or clinic should be contacted. In replying please designate each sp question by its number.

This surgeon felt that its usefulness was chiefly work in closed fractures of the middle third of the femur, in which the fracture line was transverse or nearly so. Hale White has reported two cases, in during both of which pleurisy existed. Beside the statistics for comparison thus furnished, the results loss of treatment of diphtheria in l'Hopital Trousseau, where the serum was not in use during this period, may be likewise contrasted.


Their circulation is deficient, and this is shown by the weight lowered bodily temperature, particularly of the extremities, which are often cyanosed, cold, and clammy. Quain Muscular Walls of the Heart." We have now before us a contribution of no less than nineteen cases of the kind, observed by Frantzel in soldiers who had taken suffer from cardiac over symptoms for the first time during the course of the war. The battlefield is not only the small part of the animal body invaded, but it involves the entire body, through the circulation: fertility. And this fact can only be accounted questions for, by the nature of the profession and the relations it sustains to the public. There are marked for individual variations in the effect of ordinary conditions upon the temperature, such as food, excitement or temperature of the air.