And Physiology, Microscopic and Chemic Examination of capsules Intestinal Contents, Secretions, Feces and Urine, Intestinal Bacteria and Parasites, Surgery of the Intestines, Dietetics, Diseases of the Rectum, etc. We need not fear intercourse great light, we certainly shall save ourselves from reproach. If he succeeds in doing this he is certainly entitled to much credit.


As a rule, in ordinary efifusions the sixth or seventh interspace in the midaxillary line, or a spot just below the angle of the scapula, may be chosen.

Although it usually occurs in epidemics and sometimes endemically, sporadic cases are occasionally met with. These symptoms are all transient, the pain and tenderness subsiding in the course of a day or two, the blood disappearing from the urine in three or four days, and the albumin a short time later. That the fluid contained in thefe follicles may grow thicker, we are taught plainly from the mucus lubricating the mouth and fauces, and dilcharged from the cryptse or mucous ceils of thefe parts.

Tumors of the liver or spleen will show a prominence at the lower part of the thorax, and those of the kidney, if of considerable size, at the middle of the lumbar region, seldom, however, in the case of growth of the kidney, there will be a depression or diminished resistance of the soft parts in cap this region. Laudo, I, -avi, -atum, tr praise (tab). Aromaticus, -a, -um, adj "flospurt-d" aromatic. The influence of tablet sex, occupation, and alcohol has been referred to above; everything causing heart strain or irregular activity of the heart may predispose to the further development of fat heart. The reason for not using any antiseptics is, to avoid destroying the delicate epithelium formed over the grafting in the same way in which injudicious antisepsis may This method of grafting with frog's skin seems to promise useful results in many kinds of slowly heahng sores and varicose ulcers, burns, large abrasions, and in various other losses of skin in which a soft and pUable integument is desired. Softening is also caused by embolism, with very similar results. If the mother is infected during the fruitful coitus, there will be great overgrowth of the decidual cells or of the connective tissue (flospurt). The ad' joining integuments were to this end pro j canulas slid over each thread. In doing it great attention should be paid to removal of the lymphatic glands, as in this rests much of the permanent success of the operation and non-return of This short paper which I have to contribute, I base mostly on the knowledge and experience gained in my practice. Freyer states distinctly that there effects was no ataxia in his patient, in whom, however, the disease was only beginning. If the series is continued, as seems to be contemplated, we expect to share the advantages that will accrue to the profession. If every joint which is suppurating, whether tubercular or purulent, is operated upou, the mortality and destruction of that joint will be reduced to a very small percentage, whereas if and excisions or chronic sinuses lasting for years or for life will be found in a very large percentage of such cases, just what percentage I am unable to state. In fevers connected with brain diseases it should be avoided as a rule, like caffeine for instance, but the presence of a high temperature does not contraindicate its use when the main cerebral disturbances, delirium or coma, are the result of sepsis.

Coulson remarks, in his work Oti Diseases of Ike Bladder:"It is certain that uric acid gravel is very frequent in children under some circumstances; and it is known that calculi have been found in the bladder even at the time of birth." He, however, does not mention any specific instances in any of his writings. Plato, for example, is crammed from cover to cover with the strictest up to date mental healing, though he never heard of such a thing. Among the eight hundred and seventy-five persons who had not been inoculated one hundred and thirty-three cases developed, of which one hundred and two died. The spleen of the German butcher, who suffered with intermittent fever two months, without medical treatment, and whose disease at the end of this time assumed the congestive type, and although relieved of the immediate effects of the malarial poison, fell a victim, after three weeks of the most intense and loathsome suffering, to the complete disorganization of the solids and fluids resulting from the pathological alterations induced by the malarial poison during the period wheu it pursued its courses uuchecked; presented profound alterations.

The term gravel is applied to larger concretions, ranging in size from a canary irregular and rough, which form in the pelvis and calices, and passing into the ureter cause renal colic. His head large and strikingly beautiful, his complexion fair, and his temperament sanguineo-melancholic. The necessity of a particular faculty for the perception of similarity is very evident; but I do not see any need of the perceptive faculties having the power of comparing their own conceptions, and I do not believe that they have any such power. Scarpa demonstrated by actual experiments, that the sympathetie system receives nerves from all parts of the nervous system, the brain and spinal marrow, and that all the viscera receive nerTes composed of many separate filaments from different sources. The Klebs-Loffler bacillus is frequently found in the bronchopneumonia of diphtheria, and Pfeiffer's The lesions consist in interstitial inflammation of the bronchi and alveolar walls.

The consciousness of being under observation almost always intensifies them.