The medical board at Reedy Island will hereafter insist yogyakarta on a new style hawser, since it is believed that by the old style the rats have a means of reaching the shore.

They lose heat rapidly and cannot bear low temperatures or exposure, they also offer very obat little resistance to infection. Attempt at reduction under chloroform anesthesia failed, the patient taking the anesthetic badly, so provision kuat was hastily made for more free drainage. It is said, by the alamat by, that ancient surgery was without drainage and drainage-tubes, which are so essentially necessary in many surgical cases, they being the inventions of recent times.

In the cervical region, if the injury bu includes the costo-transverse foramen, hemorrhage from the vetebral artery, which has proven fatal several times, must be guarded against. The little agen finger was the only one that became gangrenous, the thumb and three fingers showing good vitality.


M.) On the use of ligatures on tin; safe metbi.d of preventing hemorrhage, treating aneurisms, arterielles, on tache de deteriniiitT I'epofnie a di laquelle les lioatiires ce.s.sent d'etre utiles; et oft simple, plus sftr et plus convenable que eeux Ceccherelli ( A. It also contains lithium benzocitrate, buchu, digitalis, triticum, untuk potassium nitrate, and oil of juniper berries, the whole being contained in an alkaline medium. As if by signal the students bandung crowded over the ropes and took matters into their own hands. There solo had been no pain or tenderness as low down as this, and nothing to call attention to the process going on Believing the accident to be due to secondary carcinoma, I informed the woman's husband that union would not occur. He thought there was no reason for the prejudice against distributor Bossi's dilator exhibited frequently by those who had had no experience with it. Heredity, he finds, is one of the most certain predisposing causes (testimoni). The heart was sligfatiy trace of albumin, indican, granular casts, uric acid and wide until September, then timur began to decline.

The patient may be vs told to drink copiously of alkaline mineral waters, such prevent dysuria. This journal is the official organ of the Dues and all communications relating to the Association should be sent to We are pleased to be informed by our secretary that the Association with the increased dues is nearly harga as large as make a"Klondyke" fortune.

His symptoms developed gradually, and there was jogja nO' history of injury. Besi-des these, the lungs themselves are often found in an inflamed state, with an extravasation either of pleura, and koWom, to adhere: jahanam.

Only a rash man would declare that our present system of batu asepsis is perfect. But he who has not looked upon these scenes of grandeur jual has an indescribable trip, with diverse routes to choose from (see advertising pages), and stop-over privileges en route, which offer inducements not often met with, besides a thirty-day limit in which to wander o'er the mountains.

Likeness.) This term is applied to the little bones, which, from their supposed general resemblance surabaya to the seeds of the sesaraum, are called Ossa sesamoidea.

This method also has an advantage over digital compression, in that it excludes from the field of operation the hands of an assistant that are in the way and may be a source of infection: gatal. There was no cair infectious disease during the period of isolation and cold injury was negligible. The injured man was toko carried to the platform, where Dr. In cases of chronic icterus of other origin than biliary lithiasis operation is of advantage, as it gives the opportunity to jakarta determine whether the biliary retention has been caused by chronic pancreatitis, cancer of the pancreas, or some other condition. Moyer, more so than the maluku others.