We therefore found a state of injections nephritis involving both glomerules and tubular portions. In the article on Haemophilia full justice is done to the labors of American physicians who first described the disease (colostrum). On the other hand, one cubic centimetre of solution G and two ten-thousandths of a grain of pure arsenious acid, yielded, after heating the tube through which the gas was passed for "growth" nearly an hour, a faint, but very pretty and distinct mirror of metallic The first experiment which I tried to ascertain whether nitric acid checks the development of gaseous hydride of arsenic, or prevents the formation of mirrors in the tube through which the gas is passed, was a comparatively rough one.


Unless Congress can be persuaded to provide for an Army Veterinary Reserve Corps, the veterinarians above the age limit in civil life buy who desire to serve their country in case of war had better join the infantry, artillery, or some other branch of the service. The superficial reflex as the cremasteric is "only" usually retained.

Urine clear, scanty, and contains much albumen; morphological elements too range few for microscopical examination; numerous petechise on the body. The means of acquiring riches are such as are not at variance with virtue and religion; such as husbandry, mercantile transactions, for and the service of government. To offset these advantages, pasteurization increases the cost, perhaps decreases the digestibility and supplement promotes carelessness in handling. Loss - but he is open to censure for this unfair treatment of the subject, and for this partial statement of evidence. Cycle - it was observed that most of these patients developed joint symptoms about the end of the second week, and the pain and swelling became manifest about the time the fever subsided. Large spray increase in albumin and casts may appear with failing heart. Of great importance, too, is the activity of "values" the patient during the day. The cerumen must then be softened, Six drops of this solution are to be warmed and dropped into the ear three times a day; a tampon of cotton is placed in the car after each instillation: opis. The veterinary force, reviews already reduced in numbers, was further crippled by the small appropriation for their work.

This ran uk a course of six days and then subsided. According to their researches an invagination can occur in only seventeen vs per cent, of adults. It is gene not our province to notice many of the merits and demerits of both the English and American systems which our author has omitted to embrace in the scope of his work. Leo, in the discussion which followed the reading of the paper, stated that he had also obtained very good results, but that in chronic stomatitis a solution stronger than two per cent, in acted better.

At one year hgh the cent neutrophiles in a child, six months old, mav represent a pronounced leucocytosis, whereas it would be perfectly normal in an adult.

The majority of the German school and their adherents thought the pseudo-diphtheria bacillus a separate, distinct variety from the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, insulin that they were not interchangeable, and that diphtheria was produced only by the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus. Wear woollen or silk and woollen undergarments all high the year round. The assistant-surgeon now has, unless under exceptional circumstances, a cabin to himself; he is a wardroom lr3 officer from the first; he is eligible for promotion after five years' service, and on an average gets that promotion in nine and a-half years. It will retain its potency normal for about two weeks. Quartered in the same building were usually from ten levels to fifteen Filipino laborers employed in line construction, together with a detachment of five or six constabulary detailed as guard when the working party was in the field.