The methyl donor; this derivative could be useful in binding studies to taste receptors (delay). Miliary tubercle, it was asserted, identical with that caused by the bacillus, could be produced by inhalations of glass-dust or by inoculations with any One zealous doubter hastened to proclaim that the microbe was a base impostor, that what seemed to be a living organism was simply a masquerading But more extended observations and experiments, which excluded former sources of errors, have so established the morbific character of this microbe that the affirmation may be made with some assurance: every tubercle comes from a In regard to the comma, Klein, in a recent discussion, admits that while this bacillus in and of itself is harmless, it yet does excrete or produce a virus or poison which causes cholera; so that after all the comma is actually essential to the existence of cholera; and the formula is justified: no comma bacillus, Let it be admitted that the harm is done not by the living microbe, but by some dead excretion. Angina pectoris without aortic lesion is less serious; sometimes it cannot be distinguished from aortitis. One of our first problems was, therefore, to confirm McNee's observations and to establish definitely that the patients with whom We were working were not suffering from any other disease than trench fever. George Johnson said that he for one should not hesitate to call in the aid of the surgeon in such cases. It would be worthwhile to investigate the problem of the therapeutic clearing effect and of the false prophylaxis in terms of the available and stored drug concentration in the host (spray). But for that unfortunate incident the placenta would have been It is not my purpose to enter into the broad field of abortion in its medical, moral and legal senses, but, as far as can be, only where it is connected with this As to the terms abortion, miscarriage and premature labor, there is much conflict of authority. The shoes for the street should be japan high, warm, and easy to the feet, with a low, broad heel, and should be always neatly blackened.

The patient made a complete recovery.

The particular symptom which has probably received the first drew attention to this and noted the resemblance of the breathing to that of acid-poisoned animals. Hermann Lebert, of Vevay, died suddenly in Switzerland, on August ist.

C I was not aware of the exact manner in which the fifth pair gives its branches to the nose of the dog, and I requested M. They are well enough in themselves, of this abridgment was to purge away the superfluities of Morgagni, and there seems no reason why any more regard should be shown to those of Mr Cooke. Indubitably insane are prohibited from marrying in some states, where insanity is known to exist. Diarrhoea, typhoid fever, and almost certainly diphtheria are not uncommonly set up by sewer gas getting into houses, but at present there is no certain proof that scarlatina can be caused in this way. In cases where it does occur, pressure applied in the usual method, with a Tshaped bandage or strips of adhesive plaster, is always available. The following mixture has been used with success: One part of tincture of iodine to three parts of glycerine, applied to the freckles before Another remedy is the following: Take one-half pint of oil of turpentine; dissolve in it seven grammes of pulverized camphor; add two grammes of oil of sweet almonds. By means of this flap he covered in the tracheal defect, having previously attached to its under surface a small fold raised from the right side of the tracheal fistula. I cannot really believe that it can be otherwise, but I do not know, as a fact, that it is so..


At no previous time had he complained of"stomach trouble." The attack began with a feeling of lassitude of a few hours duration, followed by an intense pain in the epigastrium and severe vomiting. The warm bath, warm fomentations, The disease is generally followed by a great debility, which is to be treated upon general principles.

If a white wine is to be served, it should be mgi given with the oysters and also very cold.

Review - be especially careful to lay the coal along the sides and in the corners.

Three grains of the pill of after"breaking'' the chills, will cure ninetynine cases in a hundred of that troublesome Other" chalybeates," as preparations of iron used to be called (iron springs are still called chalybeate waters), are: citrate of iron, a pretty red salt, not unpleasant to the taste, dose, five to ten grains; phosphate, a green solid, dose, five to ten grains; solution (liquor) of the nitrate of iron, the most astringent of these preparations, and beneficial in chronic diarrhcea; dose, ten drops in water, thrice daily; solutio-n (liquor) oi sicbsulphate of iron, generally called MoJiseVs solution; a good strong astringent for outward application, to aid in stopping bleeding too much so for common use, but sometimes valuable in particular cases. On making inquiry, I ascertained that there had been a number of cases met with where, a four-per-cent. For this he was punished, but without breaking him of" the"habit." If he had his clothingchanged, it was soon saturated again, until at last he was left undisturbed. The wound itself commonly becomes the seat of mild infection and at times may prove the culture ground of virulent diphtheria. (Thefse pages are indexed under the word" Notes.") is absolutely pure, and causes no" repeating" or ekuctations.