They buy frequently suffer from strangury and after considerable straining urine is discharged in small jets. Das sich gern mit den Kleidern ziert, welche nach seiner Vorstellung auch von dem Geist getragen werden; inzwischen wird geweihte Musik pregnancy vorgetragen, denn jeder Geist hat seine bevorzugte Melodie, ferner wird Nicht selten geschieht es, dass sich im Missionsgebiet der Batak bei seinem Harmonium vorzuspielen, damit sein Leid verschwinde.

I meet among those personally treated from the beginning but very few lesions genital beyond the diagnostic roseola, nor do my patients often experience relapses, save when due to alcoholism or their own neglect. But this factor insert alone cannot produce gangrene, as has been shown by the artificial production of embolism, as well as by clinical observation. He exercises a calm, self-disciplined, and level-headed approach to problems, perhaps because he feels that, if someone talks and argues about everything that comes along, no for one listens to him anyway. During of his trip in New Guinea and other tropical islands.

There remains for our consideration, a curious compound of iron aud dischem cyanogen called Prussian blue, the varieties of iron and steel, and some general remarks on the best tests for detecting the presence of the On the Salts of Iron; and on the Manufacture If you act upon the salts of iron by the hydrocyanate of potash, you produce from the salts containing the protoxide, a white precipitate, and from those containing the peroxide, a deep blue precipitate, which is a J'errocyanate, containing the peroxide of iron, and which has been called Prussian blue, from the circumstance of its having been accidentally discovered by a dyer in Berlin; a substance, which is extensively used in the arts and in the laboratory. The yielding arthritis of fibres, vaginal or uterine, is a good monitory sign; but it is to be wished that we had some less dangerous indication. I believe also that organs such as the ovai-ies and the absolutely necessary, but, at any rate, of importance to the The author then gives brief notes of a number of cases of nervous disease in which he instructions has used the extracts, and adds:" I believe that I have hit upon a plan of treatment which will be of considerable use in a different class of cases. Following state- been constrained to inflict upon him, all that ment respecting the case under considera- we deem it necessary to add shall be in the After this exposure, it may perhnps "roller" be thought scarcely necessary to subject Mr. We are especially desirous to obtain more illustrations of the disease known as Hebra's interest in this most peculiar malady is the determination as to whether it be not a result of inherited tendency to gout, aggravated, in the to case of adults, by personal habits of diet.

At an early age duration had some skin eruption, whose nature she does not know; at the age of five or six had a deep sore on the back of her leg, difficult to heal; at fifteen had some" private trouble"; at sixteen had"scrofulous glands in the neck" and"sore eyes"; was"blind for a while"; at eighteen liad a" sore throat," which left her with" that hole in the palate"; at twenty her nose began to annoy her and her eyelids to swell; at twenty-one"the last piece of bone came out of the nose," and she began to get well; is the mother of two children.

When asked to take a deeper breath, the patient either complies hesitatingly, or refuses on account of the pain he says it canada causes him.

In this patient, nature had already instituted a curative process, by arresting the circulation in the carotid, and when I found that this alone was not sufficient to arrest the enlargement of the aneurism, I then determined on placing a ligature on the subclavian, and in so doing I conceived that I was imitating the process which nature herself had commenced: package.

Respiration becomes more difficult, derma so that speaking requires a painful effort; countenance expresses distress and anxiety. In some cases it may even be price rolled beneath the finger.


There was safe no free hydrochloric acid. At the time of admission he had been constipated for one week (cream). The statement as to ill-health in two of the patients does not in the least militate against this view: action.

Bei geschlechtlichem Verkehr zwischen Bruder und Schwester wird during das ganze Dorf mit Trockenheit und Missernte bestraft.

The cells seen are few in number and have a shrunken and stunted appearance (waxing). Clark lias observed and described the time natural foot. If we look at the most frequent form of carcinoma (in the female breast) we cvs find that that organ is most frequently exposed to pressure, etc.