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It is believed that, under competent guidance, such a laboratory, if it were connected with a small hospital to provide a sufficient variety of cases of insanity, would become a school of clinical psychiatry that would ultimately fulfil the great purpose that the Legislature and the Commission had in view in establishing the present Institute.

March, SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THE DIAGNOSIS AND It has long been recognized that advanced tuberculosis of the larynx is difficult to treat successfully, and that the progress of the affection is attended by great suffering. On the other hand, the six or more children of a poorer family, who are not in want, are ex-President Boosevelt, in one of his"Remember that the chief blessing for any nation is that it shall leave its seed to inherit the land. Deafness is decidedly more uncommon, and moreover sometimes disappears with surprising rapidity. The various forms of joint troubles, to which this form of treatment is especially service able, were discussed. She was acquitted, deserted Pericles, and married a The high position attained by some Greek courtesans does not spread virtue on the profession as a whole. It is for this reason also, that dyspeptic and consumptive persons, who of all others are usually most averse to exercise, when they perform a journey, or take some other exercise sickening to their feelings, so often return as sick as before they went, or more so (ejact). Ties with particular reference to security requirements for these institutions, particularly access from them tc controlled traffic routes. The second defines the social consequences contingent on differentiation of murder by intent and other types of killing. THE ESSENTIAL AND BASIC PRINCIPLES. Coordinating the project is Miss Frances Long of the Georgia Heart Association staff. Clara Marshall, read a paper upon"The Past, Present and Future of the College." Mention was made of the time when students of the College were excluded from all the hospitals of the city.

Norrls, Philadelphia Nathaniel Glnsburg, Philadelphia. In four cases the temperature fell to normal, and usually a transient rise of temperature after an injection of serum, but it does not last long, is without meaning and is followed by a fall to normal. North's theory is doubt- cause; whereas" troublesome ful; for hitherto it has not been de- symptoms rarely, if ever, occur cided how long the virus must re- from the insertion of two or three main in contact with the wounded punctures." In reply to this I beg very sharp lancets which I recom- altogether on the habit of the child; mend are objectionable," and adds, and if its system be heated, or preu I will not say that Dr (max). These are due to changes in the spinal cord and may simulate tabes or diffuse myelitis. The following work has just arrived from NewYork, and is for U A Formulary for the Preparation and Employment of many new Medicines; such as the Nux Vomica, the Salts of Morphine, the reviews Prussic Acid, the Strychnine, the Veratrine, the Alkalis of the Cinchona, the Emetine, the Iodine, the Iodine of Mercury, the Cyanide of Potassium, the Croton Oil, the Salts of Gold, the Institute, Titular of the Royal Academy of Medicine and of the the Central Office of Admission to the Hospitals and Almshouses from the Fifth Edition, revised, which prohibited the emetic; in spite, even, of the ingenious sarcasms of Guy Patin, the utility of antimonial preparations has for a long while been established; for this once, at. I examined the case and prescribed apis mellifica.

The court of examiners of the College of Surgeons requires from the candidates for surgical diplomas certificates that they have gone through at least two courses of dissections; the examiners at Apothecaries' Hall do not require such certificates. THE NEW YORK COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIA TION.

Time is failing, but I think it must be evident to everyone without further discussion that it is essential to separate that which is business and financial from that which is scientific and practical pharmacy: and that this Convention can best attain this object by having two distinct Committees. We might, perhaps, expect some result from this method of treatment in hysterical paralyses. Some have died from so trivial an operation as the hypodermic injection of a standard remedial agent, some from the shock caused by a plunge into cold water. So, in conclusion, it seems to me we shall do the best work for our patients in this department, by forming a habit of individualizing each case, not so much as an obstetric case, as a measures necessary, for these you remember are especially ours to cultivate, since Hahnemann gave a great impulse to the consideration of natural or hygienic means. Now as to the modtis operandi, much prejudice and misunderstanding on the part of the general public might be removed, could it be made clear that the operations are perfectly simple, involving no danger and almost no discomfort. First correcting existing deformity, he makes a careful study of the condition and power of the muscle by the use of electricity and dynamometers.

Pain in the chest, apart from genuine pleurisy, is not a symptom of importance.