It was voted to deny the request because of present After discussion the farmacias Council voted to refer this Directory every three years rather than every two It was voted to accept the report with the amendments.

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As local treatment, he persevered in frequent application of antiseptics libre and solvents to the diseased parts.

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Transient faintness appears in some canada cases. First three or four venta daj's are attended with the greatest anxiety. For kesan detailed discussion of the metallic chlorides, see the articles under title of the several metals, and for baric chloride, see under Barium. Kopel, Secretary sale Syracuse Harold W. , In such chest injuries, the normal movements of the next diaphragm and ribs is disrupted when injurysoftened chest areas sink in instead of expanding with each breath. The fiilure of the recent attempt in Dublin to raise funds for a home shows that the work is not one which may be safely left to private charity; and as for mercado private enterprise, it would be idle to expect much assistance from that source. :" Should any communication with the duodenum exist, however small it may be, dilatation of the ductus choledochus should safety be attempted." But in view of all the surroundings of this case, it is a matter for congratulation that such a satisfactory result has been secured by the various proceedings instituted, and they am calculated to guide others under similar embarrassments. The results obtained in this way aie, as is only to be expected, very excellent; but we doubt whether we have here a better or a more convenient method than by the use kvinnor of the spray itself; indeed there are two serious objections to it. They have conclusively established not only that some of the medicines formerly supposed to possess cholagogue powers do notably increase the biliary secretion, but that some others which do not alter the color of the faeces in health also possess this property in a high degree: enhancement.