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This leukocytosis, beginning with the period of incubation, increases rapidly and attains its maximum about the sixth day before the appearance of the rash; it then diminishes during the period of eruption and in "sugar" cases of uncomplicated measles a leukopenia is present. The ether acts as a solvent of any sebaceous matter which may be on the skin, and, from its volatility, very quickly dries in, producing, at the same time, a sensation of coolness very agreeable to the patient (best). Next morning work she was completely comatose. ALTERATIONS TO ACADEMY-SPONSORED GROUP INSURANCE The AAGP Insurance Committee has approved several far-reaching alterations to Academy-sponsored group insurance and disability purchase plans. The condition from which it must be diagnosed in many cases was cerebrospinal pulmopres meningitis. Cost - philosophically the professions are absolutely separate: the one furnishes the other with the proper implements of treatment in the best possible condition; and it is the function of the physician to determine by scientific knowledge and by experience how, when, and how much these implements shall be employed. For the last six months he had, in a great measure, been confinea to bed, beins unable to sit upright, constantly straining pills to void his urine in great agony, ancL to all appearance, was fast sinking.

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At this time even the inexperienced can usually recognize the nature of the effects malady; for the eruption on the wrists feels very much like small shot under the skin.

Then the plaster enhancement bandages, wrung out of warm water, are quickh- applied, carefully moulded over the pelvis and knee and covering in the buttocks. Annual reports of the city registrar, side comprising return of deaths, with a classification of the disease, age, sex, status, and nativity, with meteorological abstracts, etc.