Magnus, Director of the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education, who on tho evening before delivered the prizes to the students of the Liverpool School of Science.

It is highly necessary that the patient be well cared for at the outset, and at once put into comfortable syrup of buckthorn. The patient's grandfather The urine was examined daily for one month. Rickets, scrofula, dental caries, etc. As soon as reaction sets in, the part becomes red, hot, and swollen; and if the arrest of the nutritive and nervous processes is complete, a line of demarcation is set up, separating the dead portion from the living tissue. An apparatus for the reception of any matters the cases containing these various instruments. I parts of the brain, which effects cannot cer- have not found external applications tainly occur witliont the utmost distur- here of much avail.

Second edition, revised and enlarged. The heart receives its nutrient blood from the coronary arteries, the blood being returned by the coronary veim awicles and two ventricles; the auricles and ventricles being separated whilst the cavities are lined by a delicate membrane, called the the valve on the right side being in three segments, and named the and is called the bicuspid, or mitral. On removing the sternum, the right lung was ol)served completely to fill its cavity, and to be firmly adherent to the costal pleura by remarkably stronor adhesions; there was also some lymph on the surface of the pleura; tiie whole lung was carnified and engorged, not excepting one square inch. This was partly torn through with the director, partly hooked up out of the way with the loft index. On these conditions being rectified, and the old disused cesspits being; emptied, deodorised, and filled in, the disease gradually declined." It naturally occiirs to the mind of a reader to inquire how it happened that the rainy season was permitted to find the drains and cesspits in the condition described,!jut on this point no information is given. Mayne, Madms Establishment, has passed the examination for the higher standard in Hindustani. I will not add what has been said, that the fevers of northern countries are not bound to the same laws as those of Greece and Asia, for the salutary efforts, if true, must be resident in the animal economy; but I may justly refer to the difference of our practice, as a reason why we may not observe them.

It improves the appetite, increases the number of blood-cells, and is an indispensable remedy in certain diseased conditions; yet excess of arsenic results in destruction and death of tissues. Internal treatment may often have to be continued, but I have no doubt that the life of many a collapsed child has been saved in this way. (By these he seems to have meant the fascise from the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle.) All these parts are covered by an external Buffus Ephesius says that the scrotum is a loose substance in which the testicles are placed, being in particular fleshy externally; that it consists of two tunics, the external being corrugated and called dartos, and the internal being called erythroides (elytroides?). Neither consciousness nor sensation is disturbed. The spasms occur in muscle groups which carry out some habitual or professional synergistic act, and the cramp occurs only when the act itself, i. On a vacancy, any Phyfician who Is a Doftor is not ufual with the College; as the Fellows are generally Doftors of Phyfic of Trinity College, and are entitled to be immediately admitted without any examination, the election of a Fellow being, in general, a matter of form, and not of The College pofTefs a power of compelling all Phyficians, except thofe who are graduates of Dublin, Oxford or Cambridge, under the penalty of lol.

The nuisance is uot, however, a constant one.

In the psychoneurotic symbol may be read the cryptic expression of the original thought To slowly analyze and pick apart the mechanism is the object of the analytical method. While I would not deny that these two forms of disease are somewhat related to one another, I cannot for the time being consider Treatment. Sir capsules Astley Cooper (who made his nephew his demonstrator of anatomy) gave lectures there, and found him a valuable assistant. Spc - he had that impression himself, and witness was of the same opi Bransby Cooper over you at Guy's Hos- nion pital? Charles Aston Key, examined by Mr. Hanng done these things, the wound is to be incarnated as quickly as possible, before the ligature slip from the vessel. Then the diet is properly regulated. The dose which I employ is generally little sugar; in very yoiing' chiUlren, side ('incliona is not a new roiiicdy in strumons ophtliulniia. The child lies on its back, head downwards, upon the forearm of the operator, who grasps it with his fingers hooked over the shoulder; the child's arms fall down when the hand is lowered, and, in this way, the weight of the arms and thorax expand the chest.


His dii-ections for the treatment of a simple ulcer or fresh wound are similar to those of our author; that is to say, he directs us to bring the lips of it together, and secui-e them with a bandage, or, if that is not sufficient, by sutures or clasps. There were no adhesions, no twisting of the pedicle, by Dr.