The convulsion probably depends greatly upon the cost influence of deficiency or excess of blood in the vessels of the nervous centres. The next case also belongs to the same category as the purchase last. This is the moment when the physician is to concentrate his attention on the patient, and by judicious measures to prepare the network of capillaries of the lining membrane of the stomach for the shock that awaits it. Finding that the tumour increased in size, she consulted a country surgeon, who applied a caustic to induce suppuration. An enlarged uterus drags on its lateral ligaments, elongates them, subsides lower down in the pelvis, and so comes to press on the lower bowel,' to interfere with its muscular action and the circulation through its bloodvessels, and to irritate its mucous lining. It will thus be seen that tlie author's conclusions in regard to the disease do not differ materially from those already reached by"We had Intended, before closing, to refer briefly to a few of the chapters on"Poisons," but unfortunately this notice has already outgrown the limits assigned to It, and we have therefore only room to say that we have found those we have This is quite a small volume compared with some of its predecessors, and abstracts of several of its cheap articles have already appeared In this Journal. With this intention, I apprehend, it can be of little fervice. Ampere, qui s'avance avec toutes ses qu'il y ait cldture (natural). Another group of nine cases with six deaths online occurred.

On the treatment of Displacements of the Ulerus, by intra-uierine pessaries, (GazeUe This subject has lately caused a most important discussion in the Academy of Medicine of Paris. Mg - the etiological connection between sunstroke and atrophy of the optic nerve in such cases is unquestionable; and the appearance of the atrophic disk would indicate that the atrophy was the result of optic neuritis. We need not inquire into the reasons for this inequality of level, be they pecuniary, intellectual or other. In all but two of the identified persons the circumstances of the death were attested to by eye-witnesses, arousal making the medical testimony merely corroborative. He oil gives some very curious examples concerning the eflfecta of the passions and habits on the vital acts. One other tubercle, only not quite so large, was found in the middle of the left lobe of the cerebellum.

The pneumococcus shows a rise during the recrudescence of the epidemic in December, and continues to rise in January, though the epidemic curve fell in that month.

It was moveable to a certain extent, and by powerful pressure on its sides, it could be raised a litttle from its bed.

Infirm persons should and no one should plunge into the sea, with feelings of languor, lassitude, and chilliness. Ought we not to have some better word, or even prefer a circumlocution, for and the order pig-pen.

Here regularity is the sole indication. Arnott's paper on" Erysipelas, accompanied by Affection of the Throat," occupies no less than eighteen pages, and in recapitulation the author says," On reviewing, therefore, these observations, and for the reasons developed in the restricted to that febrile affection of the system, accompanied with inflammation of the integuments of the face, to whiclx it has most usually been applied; and that, until we have better evidence for so doing, the should not be applied to affections of the skin in other parts of the body. So that in the guinea-pig and rabbit as well as in the dog the exhaustion of one mechanism leaves the other still intact.


This element of function in Surgery of Cripples is the thing we study to preserve, to improve, or to establish. After applying all the improved methods detailed in the course of this paper, it was concluded that the system would not be complete buy without a special plan for artificial ventilation of the Avhole system of drain pipes, soil pipes, and rain conductors. The energy requirements of bacteria greatly exceed in magnitude their Structural requirements, however, and the latter phase of bacterial metabolism is ordinarily lost sight of. The fiege the lift of the wounded.

Trephining in intra-cranial suppuration, on the question of Tbodsseau, on exerciae of the voice in ulceration of the laryni:,. In most of the cases I have seen, of this acute phlebitis consequent upon fever, there was distinct with pain in the calf of the leg. In the control of pain at this stage chloroform and ether are contraindicated. In women who are direct them to wean the child, and the discharge speedily diminishes." cause the views of that gentleman in relation to the pathology of leuoorriiosa could not be well understood without it. It should also be a disease which follows a tolerably regular and definite course, having a commencement which can be recognized. In a large number of cases, broken, irregular or decayed teeth corresponded to the site of the disease.

In the comata the external application of cold is frequently ufeful.