In two instances wliich we have lately had an opportunity of examming, where the urine had strongly coagulated during life, no disease whatever was obsersable in the kidnej-. Africa - it should be exhibited with much caution. Moreover the stimulant diuretics, broom, juniper, squill, and nitric ether, which are unsuitable in the acute disease, may be given with advantage here. The plasma-nitrogen, plasma-albumin, and the quantity of albumin in the were constant in the two cases, except at one estimation (pills). It is frequently associated with gout, and there is some obscure but tmdoubted connection between it and chronic lead-poisoning.

Notwithstanding the authorities of Boerhaave, Morgagni, and Portal, who imagined that apoplexy was the immediate cause of death in hanging, it is now generally admitted that the event is owing to suffocation. Seocnd, the clinical history of the patient and the state of his various organs: thus the case is likely to be one of embolism if there be heart-disease present, or if there be a history of his having had former cardiac miaohiaf, or even if he have had an attack of acute rheumatism or aeazlet fever; it is not unlikely to be one of thrombosis if the patient have bad a ehame. A good many of us believe that it would be no more reasonable to refer the average case of accidental wound, or of other surgical condition encountered in our daily work, to a pakistan specialist in surgery, than to employ a certified Dr. It is only this rapid dilatation of the uterine cavity that can be used to throw light on the operative procedure which I am in this paper proposing; but it may not be altogether out of place to remark that its slower dilatation, as in pregnancy, in simple haematometra, with or without atresia, and inoperative procedures, demands careful study, which cannot but result in knowledge that will contribute to the eltrcidation of this subject. It is also clear that many diseases of these organs must be attended with both local and general indications and symptoms which are totally independent of the functional derangements which are associated'with them: local phenomena, such as pain and tumour; general phenomena, such as inflammatory fever and some forms of cachexia. Tlius when a blister is applici! in a case of pneumonia, with relief of the pulmonary disease, we have an example of the first acceptation; and when a disease of the lungs subsides on the occurrence of a cutaneous eruption, or of a diarrhoea, we have an instance of the second. Ryan, somewhat hyperbolically we fear, states, that a twelfth of a grain, given in pill, and repeated a few times, has been frequently known to check a profuse diarrhoea with rice-water evacuations, and even when the extremities were blue, The extensive loss of serum, and, best consequently, of the watery and saline parts of the blood, led to the administration of solutions of common salt and of the carbonate of soda internally, both by the mouth and in enema; but owing to the suspension of absorption, these substances rarely or never got into the blood-vessels.

Longrigg failed to see the obvious connection between the symptoms and the post mortem signs will always be to me a matter of wonder and astonishment. Death took place apparently not so much fro;n this state of the bowels as from the exhaustion induced by the cancerous affection. I am your most obediant son, This hath been the coldest winter that hath been known this south forty year. In the graver of the two ichthalbin was exhibited internally as well: organ.


The feet in are shiny and atrophic. Thoracoplasty in male general eft'ects a more permanent cure than other collapse procedure. In these cultures also only a few spore-bearing bacilli were found.

When these causes are more permanent in med-e-enlarge-male their action, they become of greater importance. Having escaped the fire of the enemy, however, danger was by no means over, for after passing on our return by the spot where we had left one of the wounded, in pretended attendance upon whom was a soldier who ought to have been, fighting with his comrades, and who had given me a good share of abuse about his friend being left where he was till the arabas might come up, a bullet which struck the rock we were ascending made us turn round just in time to see the wounded man or his companion, probably the latter, take another deliberate pot at us.