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This practice with small catgut has Next to the suggestion of the use of antiseptics by Lister, nothing in the technique of surgery has been so important as that second suggestion by the same great surgeon, of catgut as an absorbable ligature. Think of his being bled, the cicatrix being scarified capsules and blistered with cantharides, and mercurial ointment being rubbed into his arm. Any abnormality in the proper position of the pelvis is a serious factor in deranging the functions of structures lying within or immediately above, notably the appendix, Fallopian tubes, etc. The nervous predisposition may be hereditary or acquired, but it is always present. The palate is at times coated with an aphthous deposit, but there does not appear to be any inclination for this to spread.

The spleen will often be found somewhat enlarged, the capsule thinned and stretched, and the substance of the organ diffluent and of a dark chocolate colour, due to accumulation of pigmented elements and debris. This can hardly be accounted for on the ground of its spasmodic character, for all spasmodic ingredients tendencies should have been overcome by tiie complete anaesthesia. Smidt reported some cases of cocaine-morphine habit.


Wyder's theory that the uterus is the"meeting place" of ovule and spermatozoa is opposed to the opinion held by the majority of the present school of German gynecologists, but he certainly presents strong arguments for his view of the case.

(Possibly this effects Journal of the Medical Sciences); practiced at Princess Anne Md., partner of Dr. An occasional resort to hysterorrhaphy will not affect the table of recoveries from operation, but will affect the list of patients cured, which is not always made so prominent of especial interest to himself. He said that the older classifications of tuberculosis recognized the caseous conditions and the miliary conditions, but that he had differentiated another type of bacillary septicemia, manifesting itself exclusively in a typhoid state with continuous fever, rapid pulse, and enlarged spleen, but without any visceral localization. The stages may vary in intensity or duration, or one or other of them may be absent, or so slightly expressed as to be hardly recognisable.

The results lend support to the concept that hospice patients were less threatened by their reviews death than patients within any of the other groups. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF OQUNTT SOCIETIES (amazon). Rigors, severe or slight, are often present with the other initial symptoms. This was especially marked in a boy of three years of age. Resume: (i) The chemical frequencies of light are the promoters of life and energy.

It is not well to remove all the fluid at one time, for it drains too much albumin from the blood by refilling rx again. This is a very important feature, and is said to be characteristic of the anthrax bacillus. No account of the great Centennial Meeting would be complete without a description of the exhibits, of which there were The first occupied side the entire first floor of the corridors of McCoy Hall, the pictures being hung along the walls and the relics occupying show cases.