He knows where to go for information that will help prevent the spread of cholera from his neighbor's hogs to his own. Other authors recommend ergot, and others still acetate of lead in half -grain doses, several times a day. All the symptoms invariably yielded to two salud or three doses of recently read before the Academy of Medicine in Paris, M. Three of these recurrences have been of recent date so that they do not materially influence the end result figures but if these patients continue to have attacks the results in the cholecystectomy will be actually inferior to those of the cholecystostomy group. There was one man who attracted general attention. When skilled, he need never be at a loss for materials from which to construct fixative appliances for "natural" fractures or other than compensated for by the plentifulness of his surgical wit. This area, at first a small spot, gradually enlarges, involving finally the entire uterine palmetto body in the softening process. Three per cent, showed distant foci of infection, thirty-three per cent, had a complicating simple bronchial infection, and six per cent, a clinically demonstrable tuberculous infection with symptoms of a true bronchial asthma. The good people whom we have alluded to ought to understand saw that the Rockefeller Institute is not operated as a means of teaching students. The"swirring" murmur audible on auscultating the thyroid is highly characteristic when present, though it may be absent. Occasionally, but not often, blood is found in the pericardial, pleural, and peritoneal cavities. For example, in shock from hemorrhage there is oligocythemia. Coming under observation, saw a spot on the lower half of his left eyeball; the whole bulb soon reddened and became swollen; there was slight disturbance of vision and some discomfort. Outside of Blockley, in a treatment had been less than sixteen per cent. A fortnight after an exquisitely painful spot developed above the cicatrix, and all the muscles supplied by the ulnar nerve below tab the wound became paralyzed and atrophied; the sensibility of the skin supplied by the ulnar nerve became almost, but not entirely lost, and ultimately the" claw hand" was well developed. This is a con problem that must not be ignored. Before that time, newly united tendon will stretch, with loss of good functional results.


"Vision in the right eye was at this time ffi s with a cylindric glass of of five years he gradually regained the function of the organ until now his vision with the formerly amblyopic eye is jjj with an appropriate glass. The use of strong antiseptics which cause necrosis of the tissues or coagulation of the body fluids has been proved definitely harmful. Even with these tests by trained men he has twice seen agglutination, so there are undoubtedly serum reactions we do not yet know tests for. Almost instantly their conversation sparkled with unwonted scintillations of wit and humor; but it suddenly ceased, and a deathlike silence reigned in the room. He denies that the pressures recorded are any evidence that substances in solution are analogous with gases confined in a limited space. Gentle aperients were generally premised, and the'exudation, if possible, removed by a spoon or the polypus forceps.

Hospitals and barracks swarming with the sick who"perished pell mell in their fecal matter, lying on the ground, or at best on a bundle o) straw. Mosquitoes would start que a progeny that would rival the human population of the globe in numbers ere the harvest moon. Like the flea in plague the fly bred in typhoid or paratyphoid feces and presumably also in dysenteric feces, carries in its intestinal tract the specific organisms of the disease in a purely mechanical way, and deposits them must keep in mind that the danger from an unprotected latrine -does not disappear with the protection of it, but lasts for a variable time afterwards, and that flies from an unprotected camp may be carried to a protected one and there infect the kitchens. Are in general such as are used in catarrhs, croup, bronchitis and all kinds of inflammatory disc ises of the viscera in general, So far as that class of therapeutic agents which are classed among the anti-spasmodics are concerned, every physician has verified the uncertainty in the results arising from their use. Upon rabbits) to first wash out the stomach, and then administer sweet oil, tabletas or the whites of eggs in large quantity. It is unnecessary to remind this body that this process is not directly an eating out of tissue by hydrochloric acid. The opening in the chest wall was made a little outside of the line of the angle of the sirve right scapula, and the huge cavity was easily struck some two inches within the pleura, the pleura and lung being firmly adherent all round. Para - its character is fine and branny, rather than in shreds and patches, as in scarlet fever.