The mother affect the child through the medium of the milk, is a fact well established: nz. Maxwell Palmer, Columbia, resident physician at Stephens College, was read: python. The diuretic effect is observed usually only after the lapse of several days.

Should the aortic dilatation extend to the arch the knob as it ciu-ves to the left may lose its well-defined curve, becoming flattened and broadened. Use of pneumoperitoneum per se in forty-four cases and three years "review" later reported on pneumoperitoneum in conjunction with phrenic nerve paralysis. Every patient in whom a normal duodenal cap could be demonstrated had no indurated or surgical ulcer of the first portion of the duodenum.


He did not know whether radium would produce an effect but it would not surprise him. Has been filed by the county attorney at San Antonio to revoke the license of Dr. In the present investigation the following additional facts were obtained. They were not equally strong, nor of equal plumpness, and were separately affected by hunger and the calls of nature; one was more sickly than the other, and often suffered convulsions, while the other was well. These are also furnished with two muscles resembling the erectores penis in the male. In a case of cyanosis reported by Monnier, the child was an idiot and showed deformities of the jaw and foot. There is a great prejudice existing among women, against the matter being let out artificially, and it is probably founded upon the mamma becoming affected, and of the disease attacking many of them in succession. Adami saw only two cases with adhesions cases of typhoid fever treated at the Royal Victoria Another dangerous complication is hemorrhage due to the erosion of some vessel in the ulcerated area. High retention, indicating probable fatal outcome. Sometimes these delays refer to the period of recognition. He ordered crocus metallorum, which emetic, an antimonial preparation in diampholyx, made of white lead and belladonna; and red mercuric oxide. The heart gummata vary in size from a pea to a pigeon's egg. No reference was made to the liver in the latter case. About three grains more of strychnine were extracted from the viscera.

Again, the instrument does not pass up so easily when covered with leather, as when it is plain and polished. The filtrate is opalescent, and has the following precipitate, (b.) ISTo precipitate forms with acetic acid, (c.) Acetic acid and ferro-cyanide of potassium render the fluid thick and impart to it a yellow tint, (d.) Millon's reagent, on boiling, yields a bluish red colour, (e.) Concentrated sulphuric and glacial acetic acid yield a the fluid containing metalbumin is boiled with sulphuric acid it yields reducing substances, and this he regards as one of its most characteristic properties.