Catanoso (N.) Di una legatura dell' arteria ascellare all' useire di sotto alia clavicola per emorragia al cavo dell' ascella. The distinctions between the different forms, even if made by experts, being in many cases transitory or unessential, it is the broad types which the far-seeing alienist wants; not particular names. The matter vomited consisted in the main of the same milky-looking fluid which was taken from the abdomen. A trochar is thrust into a tuberculous joint containing pus, the pus allowed to drain off", and the joint is washed out with a ten per cent, solution of boric acid. Not a paper has been written on "effects" the subject, and yet at the same time the surgeon every now and then encounters a case of injury to the tendon that gives him more or less trouble. The operator grasps the muscle with the palm of his hand, keeping the fingers close together, the thumbs out: side. In degree the mental impairment may be severe or trifling, and in continuance either temporary Low grade imbeciles differ very little from the congenital idiots, except in extent of mental development; they think, feel and speak, and can be The earlier in life the operation can be done the better; certainly it is not probable that any benefit of age. As it could not be found it was supposed to be in some waste that had been thrown out.

Taking the double circulation of the blood in the kidneys into consideration, then, it is probable that the blood does not pass through them so quickly as through some other organs, and that the whole mass of blood does not pass through the heart every minute or minute and a half, although a quantity equal to it may do so; some portions may, in fact, pass twice or oftener through the heart in this space of time. Please read your contracts carefully.

But recently quite a number of operations have been reported with improvement in most cases, and surgeons are beginning to realize the brilliant possibilities of certain classes of hemorrhages, viz., cortical or surface hemorrhages, subcortical and ingravescent or progressive Most authorities have, until lately, advised against operation for review the reason (as expressed by Starr, of New York) that"when a hemorrhage has occurred within the cerebral hemisphere, lacerating the tracts and destroying the tissue, operative interference is out of the question, for tissue once destroyed in the brain is not repaired by Nature, and even if repair were possible the surgeon could not reach and remove the clot without further laceration of very important cerebral structures or serious cerebral hemorrhage." Experience has shown, however, that if the clot be removed early and be not too large, serioup permanent injury may sometimes be averted; furthermore the brain may be freely incised in certain directions without marked harm, especially if over a clot which has already destroyed the communicating fibers; and the competent surgeon can usually control any bleeding he may cause in the brain or elsewhere.

Y,, for an essay on" Impure Air, and the Ventilation of Private Dwellings." The Medical Society of the State of New fork will hold of Albany, have been appointed the Business Committee. It is twice as good as the record of Billroth's cancer operations.

Ingredients - their secretions, together with that from the glands (Of the general mucous surface of the mouth, constitute the Saliva. The explanation is probably to be found in the consequent relief of the mesentery from undue pressure. If adhesions, they are gently broken up with much care the particular part of the cortex involved is excised to the depth of a quarter of an inch by means of a very sharp knife or scissors. Osteopathy holds to the theory that the body is a delicate mechanism, subject reviews to the same laws of mechanics as those which regulate all mechanical structures in their construction, arrangement, position and operation.


A voltaic enhancement battery, consisting of nealy one hundred and fifty pairs of plates, was procured.

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Pain was felt, and on pills coughing, much uneasiness at that spot. These efforts may be continued regularly every two hours during the day, before arising in the morning and after retiring at night, as there is probably more air inspired in the recumbent position, because the weight of the arms is removed from the chest.