Dan'vees (.Southampton), speaking from pei-sonal experience of four largo steamship lines, criticized the various i-ecommendations and moved an amendment to i-efer the matter back for pills further consideration.

Fitch is because we have a considerable amount of this disease in California, and because we have been particularly fortunate, for the last eighteen months, to have Dr. When an epidemic is present all There can be no doubt that the use of inunctions of carbolized oil or vaselin is an active agent in diminishing the spread of the disease, particularly during desquamation, but great care must be taken that the acid is not too freely used, lest it be absorbed and increase or produce renal irritation. The possible influence of a contracted meatus in producing more or less grave disturbances throughout the urinary tract has long been known, though not generally appreciated. This infection would have taken place just the same at an earlier date, for both were circumscribed abscesses so situated that extra-peritoneal ON THE NEUROSIS FOLLOWING ENTERIC FEVER KNOWN PKOFESSOR OF MEDICINE, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, BALTIMORE. Leube's book on"Medical Diagnosis" is properly to be considered a"special diagnosis" according to the more precise system of American nomenclature, in that it only describes symptom complexes as they appear in special in most American books on medical diagnoses. The wound is then covered with several layers of salicylic wool, and over this a firm pad of tow covered with varnished paper.

The valves were healthy, but the vessel was extensively atheromatous; in the arch anteriorly an aneurismal pouch had commenced to form.

As Fulton well says,"typhoid fever is taught too much, is studied far too little." The reason for the mistaken diagnosis in the majority of cases was that the disease, which was in reality typhoid, was considered to be malaria, and was treated accordingly.


Knut Hoegh, of La rupture of the urethra by external VIOLENCE, in which, after relating the history of two cases, the symptoms, pathology, prognosis, and treatment of the injury were discussed at length.

Question: Are mature hogs very often affected with this Dr.

My attention was first attracted to this condition after having seen several hogs down on one side, unable to rise, and if passively turned to the opposite side would immediately flop over to the The history of these cases was usuallj' as follows: The animal was first noticed holding its head to one side, gradually becoming worse until it walked dominican in a circle toward the affected side, finally going down, unable to rise or even to lie upon the opposite side. A second test with more richly inoculated water kept in a freezing mixture of ice and salt, gave negative results after one day. Hartshorne highly approved of the proposed plan as explained by Dr. A MEETING of the Liverpool Panel Committee was held at F: gi. As the number of uninoculated inhabitants is not stated, we cannot judge of the real value of the plan. During the process of drying the cow up, the owner had difficulty in getting all the milk. The carotids, just below the circle of"Willis, are extraordinarily thickened, quite rigid, but not calcareous; their wall is nearly the accessible branches of the middle cerebral arteries; the anterior cerebrals are only slightly affected. That is probably the cause of more trouble than any other condition that we have to deal Very frequently we get this kind of a history of a case of obstruction that is caused from catarrhal mastitis. The patient republic afterwards took the Bath waters for several seasons. Morton, hair from tho whooping-cough showed no marked excess in any of the large towns, of scarlet fever patients under treatment in the Metropolitan Asyhiuis I.OOO in the week under notice. Among the early losses, there were seven adult animals and a number of calves. They apparently do not recognize the difference between the resisting power of a healthy organism and the sensitiveness of a diseased organism, and that this sensitiveness is beyond computation in degree of resisting power; that what will produce a profound effect upon a diseased organism may not affect a healthy organism in the slightest, and that what is required to cause a definite effect in a healthy organism may work disaster in one weakened by disease. A year later in the neighborhood of this pigmented patch a small epithelioma developed, which was removed. Most various forms of cautery have been employed; olivar, Numerous materials have been employed to make the cautery; iron, silver, gold, platinum, each metal being supposed to possess special advantages. A very large proportion of cases of valvular heart disease are due to the fact that the patient has suffered from rheumatism, and has returned to his occupation before the endocarditis produced by the rheumatic poison has entirely disappeared. The pericardium may contain an excess of blood-stained fluid, and its membrane may be dotted with petechise. Conferred a solid immunity on the rabbits treated, they treated injections of antitetanic serum) with the iodized tetanus toxin solution.