In addition to his duties at Fort Stevens, Assistant Surgeon Owen will perform those of medical officer at Fort Cunby, Wednesday, June ISth: American Neurological Association Alleghany (annual) and Tompkins (annual), N.

The public does not consult As has been already stated, the Government before or at least that some assurance should be given that they would offer no opposition, and it is here that considerable difficulty threatens to arise. I think there are several reasons why the malpractice suit is totally inadequate as a remedy when we are dealing with poor women and poor people generally in the population.

The pupils are dilated, the temporal arteries exhibit increased tension, the power of accommodation and the reaction of the pupil to light are both impaired, the eyeballs protrude slightly, and the secretion of sweat is Paralysis of the cervical sympathetic induces the opposite conditions. Repeated examinations were made in these cases, the persons being otherwise in good condition.

We add nhieu enough acetic acid to the filtrate so that the sediment which first appeared re-dissolves. He was a pioneer in X-ray investigation, particularly in relation to the treatment of cancer, and latterly carried out much valuable research on the use of radium as a remedial agent. If we were allowed to discourse on a purely medical topic, one with which we should be familiar, the wish would be less pressing; but this we are forbidden by the unwritten law of this institution. The patient entered the hospital in January with a swelling of one ankle joint, which was considered a fungous inflammation, and it was treated with ignipuncture. The disease was difficult of detection unless they could rely on some such discovery as the tuberculin teat. Sometimes a patient will pinch himself or take coffee to keep awake. He introduced a hypodermic needle into the liver in two places without finding pus. Although the pains were weak, yet the pelvis was roomy, pregnancy had advanced to only seven months and a half, and delivery was effected by the unaided efforts of nature.

If we cut such an acinus in a meridional plane, we accordingly see the axial central vein, and on IJoth sides the vertically entering capillaries, the length thuoc of which must diminish more and more in proportion to their proximity to the poles. Planned' Parenthood Affiliates should familiarize themselves with some of the available literature on the subject. SIR ARTHUR CURRIE AND McGILL UNIVERSITY The announcement that the position of Principal of McGill had been offered to Sir Arthur Currie caused some surprise, but we believe his selection has been generally approved. This defect is still further sunset hour, there is nothing to prevent them sitting out so as to enable the patients to read, several hours of fresh airwould be gained almost daily. The Schools of Surgery of the Royal College ot Surgeons will then be terribly handicapped, for its Itoman Catholic pnplle will be almost certain to desert to the new University. Bao - nein, im Gegenteil, sie werdeii Nein, ich bin nicht hungrig; ich Wie oft sind Sie in der Hoffnung Was it possible to push the tumor during the day, or did it look different from the way it appeared in the morning? No, it has caused me neither pain On my left side quite small, like a little nut; on my right side Yes, it grew larger until it reached Yes, the doctor was able to do so.

From a perusal of these reports, now on file in the office of the Adjutant (ieneral of the Army, it is evident that few prison-camps were iii better condition than this depot at Point Lookout: gi.


It would seem that the natural history of science traverses a curve, as though a footpath ran over a mountain.

Kept indoors, such a child slowly perishes, and in addition to tuberculosis of the joint acquires a tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs: gia.

It saves you time, too I users fall over the country) that (The favorite with Detroit Doctors.) The Illustrated Medical Journal Co. In regard to treatment there was no specific. The examination reveals a suspicious sign: one feels the parts of arousal the child directly beneath the abdominal walls, and can palpate the individual portions with almost uncanny distinctness; the head lies over the pelvic entrance, and the small parts can be felt to the left. At the age of three, inflammation, with a cloudy condition of the riglit eye, appeared, followed in two weeks by implication of the left. On arriving at the general hospital the patient was frequently unable to give an account of the early history of his case. Of a body of empirical knoAvledge a system may be made, and in such a system place may be found for new accretions or elaborations; before the days of Bacon, for example, and even after the publication of the Novum Organon, it was the ambition of learned men to attain to encyclopgedic knowledge, to spread themselyes over the whole realm of it, and laboriously to gather all its products into a Corpus or System: this was their end.