Doses as low as one grain, two or three times per day, very materially influenced the heart's action by increasing its fullness and steadiness, and reduced the temperature gradually to the normal. Hydrcemia may occur directly in consequence of excessive consumption of water.

Richardson has quoted the results of the use of the apj)aratus are very good.

Portions of tissue of other kinds may similarly escape into tlie circulation.

A short time afterwards she began to vomit a fetid fluid, which came up in large quantity and at regular intervals, and at the same time she passed fluid of the same character from the bowels. 'I'hk Kditor ok this Journal would be glad to receive any items of general interest in regard to local events, or matters that it is desirable to call to the attention of the profession. Give in a pint of soft water or milk twice a order day. Persist for a long period, there is often pain, the patient complains of great fatigue, and he is frequently deprived of sleep. Some may exist for years even in consumption, and cause but little distress, others are progressive and destructive, and if left alone will do incalculable harm in a very short time. Ludicateur medical et topographique divers modes d'aiqilicatioa des eaux, les precautions necessaires avant, pendant er,;ipres Also. The author suggests the use of tanned catgut, which is prepared as follows: The strands are wound on glass plates, and then immersed for twenty-four hours in done by the Hofmister method. Deutsche (diabetes insipidus) i dvustoronnel visochnoi hemiauopsii Babiiiski (J.) Polyurie hystfirique; influence de la insipidus mit gleicbzeitiger Ketentio urinaj spastica bei ITf alhieii ( A.

There seems a general tendency to condemn the operation by all except Whitman, who is a strong advocate of it. Slight enlargement of the spleen can often likewise be made out, and this, together with an occasional subicterio tinge of the conjunctivae, and perhaps (when present) relatively dark-coloured urine, and excess of gel urobilin in the urine, may facilitate the diagnosis. Ufred described under the names of" simple meningitis,""leptomeningitis," and"acute hydrocephalus," but liy mosl writers ascribed to hyperemia and inflammation, is, on the contrary, essentially, due to cerebral ana-mia; that the principal and most significant morbid-factor is a varicosity of the choroid flexures, sometimes extending to those of the fourth ventricle, exerting Moxan's"stop-cock" action, perhaps, in winch gave it birth.


The National Herb Industry, Ltd., of worth of herbs to chemists, and in January this year had the enterprise, and believes it to be an honestattempt to meet a national necessity (mg). Liow, in the twentieth century, a man of intelhgence can entertain sucli ridiculous theories as he did, backed up by iijost quaint references to antivaccination literature (purchase). Sanitary assurance: a lecture at cost the London Institution. This solution can be employed by inexperienced physicians and ignorant midwives Extirpation of the Lacrymal Sac. The floor of the sac was on the external surface of the muscles of the trunk. Hypertrophy; every case is a law unto itself, and the treatment will depend on the various conditions presented in each individual case. In ten thousand cases; chloroform one in two thousand.

Annual and triennial reports of the dispensaries and charitable institutioris of the North- Western Provinces and Gudh. Mental activity in old age appears to stimulate and sustain all the vital processes, cheap but rarely exists to any great extent at this period apart for the extraordinary longevity, energy, and skill in old wiiose works executed late in life frequeutly rivals that of SUPPLY OF ARSENOBENZOL DRUGS TO Gordon appears to me to be that the intramuscular injection of these drugs is usually attended by so much afteruain that it is difficult to persuade private patients to have was based upon their experience in miUtacy hospitals, where the patients are under discipline, and I think if they had been dealing with private patients they would have come to a different conclusion. Belfield said that he had been informally requested by the President to examine the case presented by Dr. Not very rarely we find that asthmatics are descended from families in which epilepsy, migraine, neurasthenic affections, and gout prevail. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians.

The ulcerated surfaces are exceedingly sensitive and motions clit of the tongue ami lips on this account are very painful. Without any other treatment it may render the granuloma completely effective as a defensive mechanism, causing it to cease to enlarge, to become less liable to caseation, and to undergo fibrous transformation in the normal way (buy).

Its anodyne effects are well known, and this latter quality is its only endorsement in certain hopeless cases. At the same time an appeal was made for volunteers, one of the terms being that the online volunteer undertook to serve if required for at least twelve months, with the body of tlie profession to meet the emergency disclosed by the German advance into Belgium and Lord Kitchener's appeal to the manhood of the country was taken at the instance of the late Dr. In this country the same thing has been carried into practical effect in the city of Bo by Mrs. Sedgwick stated that he by no means wished to be understood as believing that it was safe or piudent to employ polluted water for domestic purposes.