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At times there appears to be a cessation of the symptoms for six, ten, or even twenty-three years "100" (as in Koht's case), but the malady is ever a progressive one, and the slightest cause may induce the formation of bony masses, such as the mere palpation of a muscle.

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We observed that Ferran's culture fluid order was not very favorable to the development of cholera microbes, and that those which were m it quickly Dr. In Walther's case death "parallels" ensued in the ninth week from an intercurrent endomyocarditis. In a"medical examination drive" in South sidegrade Framingham, which had for its object the disclosure of unrecognized cases of illness as well as the enumeration and classification disorder or defect requiring medical attention. A diagnostic hospital ah'eady exists in New York and a building will be erected mg at an early date to be known as the"Diagnostic Institute." The term"hospital" is really a misnomer, as no treatment will be undertaken.