It is the general experience of those who have inoculated animals with LoetHer bacilli that the temperature falls soon after, and remains subnormal till death. When they are not, then our best efforts at regeneration or restitution will be futile. The antiseptic dressing was retained in place with a plaster-of-Paris dressing. By this means her legs were gradually separated, side and I received word from her physician some six months afterward that her legs were In both of these instances there was manifest a very active rhachitic process in adolescence, which has been mentioned but briefly by a few authors, although I believe its presence is much more frequent than is usually suspected, and is answerable, in a number of cases of lateral curvature, for the very marked increase in deformity which sometimes takes place within a couple of months. French's has summed up his own observations, and those of other writers, on this head with the following results.

No doubt, many old people are asthmatic; but that is simply because many asthmatic people reach old age. Ear symptoms due to traumatism ultra are sometimes puzzling. In these cases the virulence of the bacilli and the family predisposition were the same in both the early and later cases, so that the great difference in the course of the disease in the two classes was jirobably the effects of the treatment.

Unfortunately, the sense of exhaustion, which is one of the symptoms of the disease, induces the patient to increase the mischief by again taxing the energies of In acute disease of the kidney, as in the albuminuria of scarlet fever, we may reduce the activity of the damaged gland by keeping the skin warm, by acting freely on the bowels, and by lessening the quantity and regulating the character of the Still more important are these considerations, when there is some general source of disturbance operating upon the powers of nutrition; in typhus, in erysipelas, in the exanthems, in cleanliness, nourishing diet, are essential elements of right treatment. Ingredients - we are told that he who devotes himself to many interests will never have nay it demands almost an infinite variety of mental activity.


There is no paralysis, though at times there may be incontinence or retention. The bowels were never acted on except by enemata, which brought away faecal matters in gradually decreasing quantities. They have been able to isolate an active principle from muscle juice and from the platelets. Frerichs saw a case which The catarrhal is perhaps the most common form of simple Jaundice, id is often associated with hepatic congestion.

He spent the following winter in the south of France; but, notwithstanding every care that could be exercised, he died of Phthisis at the end of three years. Usually, however and perhaps always when the Cartilages lengthen they bend so as to form an angle, with its concavity upwards, about their centre. The new book is therefore trimmed of all incidental subjects and topics, and the text contined to the statement" This is the fourth edition of Flint's poptdar text-book on physiology, entirely rewritten, and so great have been the advances in oin- knowledge of this branch of medical science that little remains of the original text; even the defects, or rather deficiencies, the author or of others, have no proper place in a text-book which shoidd represent facts Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Ncrvou.s System in the Now York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, etc. Hiirter recommends Moritz's method and claims to have had success with it although he refers to it as involving a delicate technic. For this purpose he injects into the spinal canal later, pushing mercury or salvarsan in the interim.

So in regard to thepr inciple of life, that ethereal essence which gives action to the heart and sensation to the brain, we can know nothing in the abstract. The fact, however, that the jerk is absent, shows that the poisons of the disease are acting very directly on the nerve system; and consequently very important conclusions, of group without the loss, less than one-fourth had neuritis; whereas in those with the loss, over one-half had neuritis, subsequently. It is remarkable for how long the condition may persist without serious impairment of the health. These are acetic, effects butyric, and lactic acids.