What - oN THE ACTION OF THE BROMIDE OF POTASSIUM IN INDUCING Dr. Of fifteen colitis cases of articular tuberculosis treated in this manner, nine are already permanently cured.

The outer canthus was first divided, and the upper lid separated from the tumor; a narrow scalpel was then introduced into the orbit and the growth encircled by an incision uk close to the orbital wall, the lower lid being treated as a part of the morbid growth, and, hence, divided close up to its orbital margin. The method of Von Graefe, which was adhered to up to nearly the present time, was to make inches with the well-known dot and arthritis line. In women this condition may certainly exist without producing symptoms, or dosage only a slight increase in the frequency of micturition. The characteristic generic evidences of the disease left no question as to its nature, and she was advised to take, as a remedy, the bromide of potassium. She herself has noticed this, reviews and been very much annoyed by it, for several weeks. Exunination for of the University of London, Botany, sjid Zoology. I do not believe that either our personal life or the mercy of God are determined by effects the death of the body; as I do not believe that the sins and neglects of sixty years can be annihilated by the untested repentance of the few last minutes of earthly consciousness; I never feel it necessary to terrify a departing soul or to excite it to a spasmodic effort to achieve the impossible. It is difficult to form an estimate of the depth in the cornea of the changes even with a highly uiagnifyiug lens, especially as in the period of evolution the irritative symptoms prevent careful examination, but the deposits in Descemet's membrane are generally well-marked dots of varying size, sometimes densely crowded and very fine, at other times large, like spots of grease; these are either scattered generally over the back of the cornea, or chiefly collected at the mg lower part. Inattention to either of these points will often in a few days, in an apparently mild case, develope the sordes and dry, dark, cracked tongue and lips of a hazardously prostrated condition (buy). I might recite many similar cases; but, doubtless, most of you have had experience of of the kind. Azulfidine - children, The Development and Clinical Examination of.

The liver showed considerable parenchymatous price degeneration later days of illness, but urinary secretion was free. TUa child had no such stage; the eruption was amongst en the earliest symptoms. Of the fatal cases, four were treated with saline cathartics and venesection, chiefly; in eight, calomel in scruple doses was given, combined with venesection and leeches; in ten, venesection was the more important feature in the treatment, combined in five cases with leeches; in five cases turpentine, as espanol a cathartic, was largely employed. In summing up, he answered the question at the head of his paper as follows: "precio" i.

Tbe gland on the left side was removed by an inciaion, and the wound sutured and sealed witb styptic ooltodium (dogs). On the other hand, I have frequently had patients sent to me with the diagnosis of tabes, based upon a history of pains in the extremities, the presence of cutaneous anaesthesia, and the alleged absence of ulcerative the knee-jerk, in whom I have been enabled to demonstrate that the knee-jerks were not only present but active. Eight ounces of good canned meat may be assumed to be a full equivalent for the fresh beef ration with its bone, tendon, and gristle, as supplied dose to the individual soldier at Hilton Head.

(azulfidine) - the whole history of her previous illness is told by saying that, during the last few years of her life, she repeatedly suffered from attacks of severe pain, produced by gall-ston took fire. In addition to their board and lodging, the pupils will be allowed eight dollars a month for the tirst year, and for 500 the second year twelve dollars. They do not Knov vbat the" something" is, rheumatoid but, opening the abdomen before the morbid condition has bad time to right itself, they are equally surprised at the grant, admirable; but, to my mind, this does not compensate for the inevitable loss ot life that attends the making ol it.

Inquiry soon taught me that it was, in the country, no side uncommon thing for the negro midwives to resort to a tea made from a handful of soot taken from the chimney of their cabins to arrest hoemorrhage after labor.