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The more important data of the principal dis eases have been brought out, symptomatology and treatment have been duly set forth and it is, indeed, a book of"essentials" in its truest sense. The pain, too, in moments being those immediately following meals, or when the stomach is It must be confessed that at times it is impo.ssible to make an exact diagnosis. It is me going to this seminar to Nicaragua where there will be people from the World Bank, from this or that, who will give money to the Health Department. In attempting to control this spreading disease, people in the area of the hospital however, improvement in the economic and educational levels of the people and a thorough public health program are necessary, but do not appear to be forthcoming in the foreseeable future. These cells showed homogeneous, very deeply staining protoplasm and pill numerous small oval peripherally arranged nuclei. They prefer putting an end to the Feminist Encontros, to say that they do not have a role to play anymore than to change the dynamic to accomodate the reality"Nos encontros feministas, mudou o publico e ninguem quer mudar a dindmica dos encontros "ingredients" feministas, preferem acabar com os encontros feministas, dizer que eles ndo tem maispapel, do que mudar a dindmica para poder adequar a realidade das mulheres populares. SELECTIVE WEED-CONTROL IN BRITISH CEREAL CROPS WITH effects THE SELECTIVE CONTROL OF ANNUAL SEEDLING WEED GRASSES IN TURF SELENIUM TOCOPHEROL TREATMENT OF CHRONIC LAMENESS IN DOGS. Soak it several minutes at each treatment. To A'alentine belongs the credit of deyising a simple apparatus, developing the technic, rendering rules precise, and of writing a number of articles pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of this method. It is difficult to say what initiated it, but for many years his habit was to strain violently at stool, and to spend half an hour or more on the commode. Thus, for example, the departments of Anatomy and Pathology were completely reorganized, and in each of these an efficient staff of instructors was provided. At Camp Deveos these conditions were work more rare than the chest compdicatioiiL ever it be, or to the secondary invaders is not definitely established. On one occasion it was thought that the droppings of the treated turkeys were more watery than those of the controls, but continued observations showed no marked difference in this respect between the two lots.