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Having been first described by Marchand, Aichel suggests for them the name,"Marchand's adrenals," in order to distinguish them from zinc the ordinary aecessorv' or misplaced adrenals only occasionally present near the adrenals proper, suprarenal capsules. The "and" fourth pair of cervical nerves, whence the phrenic nerve chiefly arises. As uraemia signifies not merely the presence of urea in the blood, but of all of the toxic substances excreted by the kidneys, so the word cholsemia comprehends all the constituents of bile having power to derange the organism by their presence in the blood: weight.

Vaughan did not qatar believe that typhoid fever was due to any one germ in water, but that there were various germs which would produce this fever. "I don't believe we man should adopt the white hats. H., Inguino-interstitial, an incomplete inguinal pressure hernia. Description of Knglish benefits DrawingM by, of J. The edge of the cotyloid ali cavity of the os innominatum. Without expert explanation they are in liable, by their erroneous visual impressions, to mislead the jurors. It is known that this deposition of the amyloid material is related to the process of suppuration and 100 to certain cachexise, but the intermediate steps remain unknown and inexplicable. At first it was not recognized on account of loss its remarkable shortness.

L., Granulated, or "strong" Granular, a cirrhotic liver, with a granular surface, owing to the contraction of the interlobular connective tissue. There is room for improvement here, as we have long been aware, but would not of ourselves have thought of taking Germany's deficiencies as a for text had it not been so aptly furnished us.

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Pelvis, the "blood" inlet of the pelvis.

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