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Contincrc sese non potuit." A case of relatively modern date, in which the power of harmony in alleviating the more fantastic of feminine jealousy has been placed on record: Concerning the efficacy and might of Musick, I am desirous to set down what myself saw practised upon De la March, a gentlewoman near to Garet, young, virtuous, and passable for beauty; upon report of her husband's inclination to change, and novel affections, she fell into such a fury, that on the sudden she would throw herself into the oil fire, or out of the window, or into a fish-pond near her house, out of which she had twice been rescued, and so she was more diligently kept; the physicians attended her to no purpose, notwithstanding all their endeavors; but a Capuchin passing that way to crave Alms, and hearing what had befallen her, advised that some skilful and experienced person upon the lute, should continue to play by her, and that in the night some pleasing ditties should consort with the Musick; it was accordingly performed. A softening of especially cara of a vein or an artery. Also, applied to substances jual having the same centesimal composition, but whose molecular weights are in even multiples, a type of isomorphism commonly called polymerism. In the first instance, the pain in the part is due to a magna very slight degree of inflammatory action, and marks a slow, insidious development of the disease; there is sufficient pain to cause uneasiness wMlst the animal is at rest, and when his attention is not called away from it; but when at work, the excitement of exercise, more especially if he be a high-spirited horse, makes him forget his pain, or the pain itself is dissipated by movement.