During the month that she remained in the hospital before the operation, there were nine fits; during the month after the operation there were five fits (stay). Although there are grave doubts whether the International Medical Congress, in behalf of which we last week gave the call of the Paris Central Committee, will ever be able to assemble, in view of probable war events, still it is sion of the United States should be represented. Functional ready and Sympathetic Diseases of the Heart. As the war progressed, drift attacks for diverse reasons were modified and to a more or drink less- degree replaced by high explosive gas shells.

This was attached to a head-band capsules worn by the operator.

He soon after left the hospital, in apparently enhancement excellent condition. Epilation with the forceps is difficult on account of pills the brittleness of the hair; it breaks off when traction is made. Since the fluid intake, in all probability, influences the renal concentration power, at least so far as separate voidings of urine are concerned, for uniformity of observation, such was standardized as The patients under observation were, therefore, placed on the following diet and liquid fluid intake for forty-eight hours previous to taking the blood and urine specimens.

Probably bolder sweeps must be made by the wing of Science, before "eruption" we shall see the unlocking of this mystery. If it be borne in mind that the period for the manufacture of wine is the end of October, just at the cool season which is peculiarly favourable to the fermentation of beer, and that no other conditions are necessary to the vinous fermentation than a cool cellar, and open, wide, shallow fermenting vessels; and further, that under all circumstances the danger of acidification being much less with wine than with beer, it is evident that the best success The method employed at most places on the Rhine proceeds upon principles the very reverse of this The wine is left to ferment, not in cooclellars, but in rooms,situated much too high and too warm; the access of air is completely precluded during the process of fermentation by tin-plate tubes, confined with water. Let us carefully examine the treatment and the cases to which it has intensity been applied. Sims reached this important combination of improvements, quite independent, perhaps, of foreign aid; yet, by reference to the historical enumeration of methods which I have detailed, it will be found almost all have been conceived and executed by predecessors. Decomposition then follows and they are broken down by ulceration. He was unaware of what had been done by his predecessors; in fact, they had not done much that could high help his studies. He said that, by this capability of being reduced in size, the pessaries were very easy of introduction; he had found them more effectual and create less uneasiness than any other kind which he had used; and as the oiled silk protected the sponge from all extraneous matters, they w r ere calculated to be durable. Certain particulars, as noted by my colleague, Dr.


The special value of the latter, however, is that a sufficient quantity of the remedy may be introduced at once into the trachea for the purpose of relieving the irritated mucous membrane and reducing materially the catarrhal congestion of the bronchi and alveoli. The tradesman may review put a value on his commodities and limit their distribution to those who are able to comply with the terms of sale. Van Heddeghem mentions the case of a Creole in Louisiana, who was so susceptible to the action of Rhus Toxicodendron that he could not drive along the roads where the rhus plant grew, or shake hands with a person who had been exposed to the effluvium of the plant, without being almost immediately attacked with the rhus erysipelas, which affected his face, neck, hands, arms, chest, and genitals, in particular. Now, the diaphragm is the great muscle of inspiration; it can only act in fil ling the chest. Pain near the heart male at night, occurring in paroxysms.