It is, as in other climates, a matter of quale, quantum, and quando.

A few polynuclear leucocytes permeate the mass of cells and debris. Brooklyn, for the corresponding period, reported twenty -nine cases and fifteen deaths. J In this case, which the Thompsonian system of medicine, sometimes referred to as the botanical system or steam system, was tried for murder.

In short, in about twelve years the greater part of the skeleton had been progressively affected by bony lesions of a deforming and hypertrophic character. Greenfield read the amended resolution Motion was seconded and carried. The food offered was on the same reasonable scale; and on the whole the place deserves commendation as a step in the right direction.

But in nervous people, inflamed eyes, eyes congested after recent operations, does not usually secure complete anaesthesia. To be placed upon all vessels arriving at the eastern ports of the Red Sea from those of British India.

It was easily reached and extracted through a very small incision in the urethra; no urine perfect ease, almost without the patient knowing it, and drew off a quart of urine.

In infection and perineal abscess or localized gangrene, try a free incision and multiple drains. The introduction of this evidence was objected to by the defendant, but it was admitted as part of the res gestce. Rales, due to pulmonary congestion, are heard both in front, behind, and above the dull region. In the great majority of cases, the wound will be found quite dry twenty-four hours later; if not, Chastanet begins all over again. The quantity could not be estimated, as it was still passed involuntarily. But from a careful perusal of its pages we can find but one principle of practice laid down by the author, to which he can set up the least claim of originality, and in this, we will venture to say.

The following cases have been selected with the idea of calling attention to certain interesting features: nourished, and not neurotic, had suffered for years with pain and tenderness in the region of the left kidney, the pain following the ureter to the bladder and often running down the thigh.

After this he continued the sustaining treatment, which soon restored headache two or three days, was attacked with fever which increased rapidly, and her restlessness became so great that her attendants used force to hold her in bed. This action is somewhat like that of litmus. Wiggles worth, The increased attention which has of late years been paid to Practical Physiology and Histology has resulted in the preparation of a number of useful manuals, which are published as guides to the worker in these departments. SKIN CLINIC OF THE PENNSYLVANIA DISPENSARY FOR SKIN SOME time since, while attending one my attention was called to three wellmarked cases of pityriasis rubra. Tjioms had frequently used with the most beneficial result, a decoction of the bark of pomegranateroot (punica granatum) after other remedies, excluding To TOE Editok of the Medical Record. Nitrous oxide is the anesthetic of choice. Hospital, says that" there are two special classes of due to the presence of mucus in the duodenum.


For this condition Wyatt Wingrave offers review the alternative term'dystrophic.'" Mr. If too much acid is ingested or formed within the body, however, such neutralization may be inadequate, and abnormal states included under the term acidosis may result.

THE OVA OP THE TAPEWORM AS A CAUSE OP in which, on close examination, the ova of a taenia were detected (volutrex).