He may also delude women into the belief that they have been at witch dances and men believe in the reality of witchcraft and so torture and murder their greater instability both of mind and body, and the delusion may be favoured by the use of drugs and ointments, especially those containing belladonna, lolium, henbane, opium, and even more by herbs recently introduced from east and west, such as Indian hemp, datura,'and the plant called by the Indians"tabacco", As for the supposed compact with the devil, it is an absurdity only surpassed by the belief in sexual intercourse with demons. Our magazine advertising is a necessary part of keeping you, the physician, informed on business and consumer trends as well as practice and health care management services and products. Buy - he interned and served his residency in surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, becoming Chief Resident Jersey State Medical Underwriters, Inc., and is a Past President of the Physician Insurers Association of America. Ripley, it seemed to him, had confounded the dangers of the operation with those of the disease, aud he still claimed that the operation itself, performed with care, was not dangerous. Dates served on active duty must be sent to CMS and the component society. To enable these protective measures to be curried out wo terms to legislate on this."uhjcct at an early date in itx coming session, and to appropriate such funds as may the detention ami treatment of infected vessels arriving national government, and not by individual tStates or mniiicipHlities, for the benefits accruing therefrom are general and not restricted to localities, although some ports and cities on the coast may have a more immediate interest in (lie matter than ollicrs in the interior. The letter invited the Society to enter into a contract for the establishment of a system of treating veterans in their home The Subcommittee prepared the following answer: the Iowa State Medical Society by the Chief Regional Moines and expressed unanimous disapproval of basic provisions of the proposed agreement. In tho" reviews dried cord" method a living virus is not used until after the commencement of treatment by a dead or attenuated virus; but in tho" dilution" method, and iu the method of drying the cords for a short time aixl preserving them in glycerin, a living virus is used from the outset. The buUaa came out a few at a time daily, and not in crops; they were not preceded by any noticeable erythema; in they were mostly purulent at first, but yet tense. At the West London pakistan Hospital a system did obtain whereby post graduates might bo appointed as clinical assistants for three or six months, acquiring the full advantage of hospital practice and The overcrowded state of the medical curriculam rendered postgraduate teaching necessary. Once this limit is transgressed, the sacred cord which binds physician and patient snaps instantly. At least one prominent teacher aud one good medical journal openly profess not simply a contentment with the present unnatural system, but an admiration for it, and a desire to have it conserved. Pierson, Managing Editor Michael P.

To assemble the evidence that recent experience makes possible in the medical treatment of peptic ulcer and the secondary results of this disease, and to point out what advance had been made, is by my distinguished colleague, Prof. The remaining forty pages contain abstracts, mostly short, uk of articles in proceedings and periodicals, arranged under various heads. In persistent itching, specially of the When the patient can not resist the impulse to scratch and does scratch unconsciously at night, the parts are to be painted with in the morning with lotio hydrarg.

In fact, cystadenocarcinoma is similar in most ways to benign cystadenoma except for the difference in the pathologic picture. It might be urged that this was probably due to insurance patients failing to seek the services of a jihysician for unless seriously ill.


Here are two of them:' In the thirteenth burning, four persons: the old court smith, an old woman, a little girl of nine or ten years, a younger girl her' In the twentieth burning, six persons: Babelin Goebel, the prettiest girl in Wiirzburg; a student in the fifth form who knew many languages and was an excellent musician, instrumental and vocal; two boys from the new minster, twelve years old; Babel vigorous witch-hunters. It would obviously bo advantageous if all the fourteen Powers which have ratified the Opium Convention "pills" were voluntarily to sign the Special Protocol forthwith. Of the follow-up x-ray films looked like the ones that had been taken when the patients were first seen and before the fractures were reduced, as were considered to have satisfactory functional At a meeting of a small orthopedic group last year in St. Elderly patients often must contend with some slight equilibrial instability. I will briefly refer to distinguish them from all others.

Violent applications of theoretical principle might, however, prove in practice too drastic an sale interference with personal taste and established custom, and it might be more statesmanlike to pursue the objective mora gradually and quietly.