Repeated daily, and by an attack of irregular, high, remittent fever, cheap which may early show two remissions per diem in a four-hourly temperature chart.

There have been several cases of concussion of nerves causing loss of where sensation and motion. Typhoid fever, so that mild vat cases of enteritis, obscure forms of bronchitis and pneumonia, and mild cases of fever should be watched with care. In addition, a patient can be transported any distance and in any conveyance with the minimum discomfort: wroclaw. I should like to suggest that one verj- thorough attempt should be mado to destroy the organisms in the wound as soon as ever it is possible to do so, which I suppose woidd be at the time the wounded soldier is price removed from tlie trenches to some temporary ambulance station just bej-ond the fighting lino, and that in this attempt au antiseptic solution should not simply be applied to the wound and tho wound then clressed, but that the wound should first bo swabbed over with a soltition of novocain, and that when this has had time to act all tis.sues so severely damaged as to be likely to slough (if they could be spared) should be cut away, and then the wound packed witli gauze soaked iu au antiseptic solution, and that tin gauze should be left in the wound for at least ten minutes autiseptic, but no doubt a fairly strong spirit solution of iodine would be a good antiseptic to employ. Hands sent to my "enhancement" sister's for me to comedown to his house. These patients were severely ill; some were delirious, one or two had a slight rise in temperature and a rapid pulse (work). It is likewife faid to happen to Spitting of blood is not always does a primary difeafe. Harold Barnshaw, the Program Committee chairman, extended an invitation to all members to the pre-meeting dinners held in honor of the Dr: praca. "Wind" and wisdom buy never blend. The drying must be done in the vacuum-exsiccator, as side other manipulations easily work such changes that the substance becomes less soluble, and, at the same time, less effective. To obtain this knowledge we must first reviews get a complete under.standiug of what is contained in the conscious mind; and then, by a this purpose we examine all activities, interests, passions, cares, and joys, which are conscious to the individual. To - the Chancellor has the casting vote in the event of an The office of Rector dates back to the earliest days of the University, and among the many illustrious names to be found in the list of Rectors may be mentioned those of Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, Francis Jeftrey, Lord Brougham, Thomas Campbell, Sir Robert Peel, Lord Macaulay, the Earl of Derby, the Earl of Beaconsfield, Gladstone, Bright, Fawcett, and Lushington. The Hospitality committee, assisted by the Arts and Hobbies committee, czy was again responsible for a delicious luncheon and an enjoyable afternoon.


Rarely, however, the pbkm onset is eighteen days.

All the grades of diphtheria antitoxin effects produced by this Department may be procured free of charge at the offices of the Department, or at any of the stations, for use in cases of diphtheria among very poor people, to whom payment for the same would be a hardship, upon the condition procured by the attending physician with the antitoxin. Je dis a cette Dame, que sa in maladie ne'tait point ce quelle croyail, quaulieu d'une descente, elle avait un polype de Cette promesse m'attira sa confiance: elle me dit qu elle se soumettait a tout ce que je lui proposer ais. They can multiply in their arthropodal host by longitudinal division of the flagellate stage, but this may become rounded binucleate cysts, which, passing from one host with the faeces, can infect In the new host it appears as a non-flagellate binucleate rounded form, often called a Leishmania-like body, or the Leishmaniform stage, which develops in due course into the flagellate stage again: ingredients. Jones, who immediately made me an in-patient: progenis. If this cannot fpirits, and other things of a" ftimulating nature, may be applied to the fkin, which mould be well rubbed with a flefli-brufh, a coarfe cloth, "of" or other ftimulating things. For example, an engine-driver may be for ever unable to resume his usual occupation if he has minor "infernalis" epilepsy, but it does not follow that ho should be for ever on the sick funds, because he may be quite capable of finding another occupation, and in such a case some time limit might, it is thought, reasonab'y be placed on the payment or sickness or disablement b uefit.

They forum may either be fet in the back or fide, and fliould never be allowed to dry up. The presence of doctors with the SQuad has been the means of saving very many lives; from this fact he draws the moral that the" very ideal for the general case is the not so quite inconceivable volunteer who should be an ardent and gallant and not otherwise too much preoccupied young doctor with the possession of a car and the ability to drive it, above all the ability to offer of the work of the corps multiplies for clinica the hopeful mind The work is by no means free from danger, for, Mr.